New Product Review!

Full disclosure.  Not only is Vaseline not paying me for this review, but these opinions are also my own.  Do what you will with my advice, but I’m telling you, as a general rule of thumb, I don’t lead people astray so…

Anyhoo, so I’ve been seeing this really interesting commercial for this Vaseline Spray and Go Moisturizer all over TV.

I thought the commercial was really cool, and why not spray and go when you moisturize, right? Put ya clothes right on – like maybe it will save me a few seconds in the morning or after a shower so I can stop running late to everything.

So last night, I bit it, and dropped the $7.99 (?!) on a bottle off the stuff, and after this morning’s shower, got to spraying instead of my usual pump the Goldbond routine.


I dried off, and tried to do like the cute girl in the commercial.  Spray a lineeee down my legs, spray a linnnne down my arms, slip riiiight into your clothes so fast, and run out the door with your cute little hat.  

Okay, so, none of that stuff happened, and the $7.99 bottle literally saved me no time, cause you still have to rub it in, and it’s kinda like…not as cool as the commercial whatsoever.

I’m really sorry, Vaseline, usually I totally love your products and have the stuff all over.  And Lord knows I love a good fresh new cosmetic.  But save yourself the trouble, and stick to a regular pump-bottle of lotion for après-shower action.

4 thoughts on “New Product Review!

    1. You spray a line down your arms and legs, right down the middle, and then rub in from there. The consistency is really thing so it spreads far, which is one redeemer I suppose….but it’s really a pointless product I feel like.

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