Things every bride-to-be goes through.

But before that – look how gorgeous I looked at the gym yesterday!

photo-1I had to run my 7-miler on the treadmill today, and I paused to snap a pic of my gorgeous sweaty face before I finished.  Once I broke through the first 4 miles of horrific boredom, I was able to finish.  But I’m begging the gods of weather, please, please stop with this horrible weather.  I can honestly say I’ve never logged so much mileage on a treadmill, and this winter has been awful.  I really thought last winter when I was afraid I was going to lose a finger was the worst, but this is the absolute worst.

Moving right along!

So, this thing is not going to turn into a wedding blog, but you will get a few little morsels of wedding brownie.

Wedding stuff is really fun.  I love my husband-to-be, and I bring to you today, things that future brides go through.

  1. You’re not yet engaged, but you swear you’re gonna be the coolest effing bride to ever walk the face of the earth, should someone want to marry you.  “I bet you we’ll just get married at the courthouse, and have a great big huge party later!”  You swear you’ll wear like a white dress from ModCloth, and you don’t even need a diamond to be happy.
  2. The ring is on your finger, and you’re blissfully, unadulturatedly happy.  I literally called people that I hadn’t spoken to on the phone for years.  I would tell the cashier at Whole Foods.  We didn’t have a venue, but I was doing backflips and envisioning me in some insane dress.
  3. “I am an independent woman! I will NOT be changing my last name because I make my own money and pay my own bills so kiss my ass!”
  4. OMG I’m getting married.  What does this mean?!  Any bride who wants to pretend like they did not feel mortal anxiety at some point during their engagement is a liar.
  5. Oh em geeee I’m getting married!  And all you do is dance around all day cause you’re so excited.  And I’m confident that we will be together for a looooong time.  ::evil laughter::

So I’m not at the point where I’m freaking out stressed.  But did I miss any of the phases?  Especially you married ladies!  

6 thoughts on “Things every bride-to-be goes through.

  1. Cheri, you forgot the stage between 1 and 2 where you become crazy ( I went panic attack crazy) because your soon-to-be- fiancé has not proposed yet and it’s past your mental deadline of when you should be engaged to have the wedding in a certain season…. And I mean CRAZY, emotionally crazy. Ha

    1. So my issue was with that whole thing is that I had designed my ring with a jeweler months before. So months and months later, I could not stand the fact that Austin knew something I didn’t and that he was hiding a surprise from me. I was convinced he was gonna do it finally on the 4th of July – we were together watching fireworks. NOPE! So imagine my surprise when just a few days later, he got down on one knee, shaking like a leaf to ask me to marry him! Finally got my surprise!

  2. I agree with Suzanne… I’m there right now! Ugh, though I
    am glad he didn’t do it on Super Bowl night…. I’m still

    1. Seriously, the emotions are SO crazy that you’ll be glad he took his time. Plus you’re young, and you know that ring is coming any day! Enjoy your mad few days as a single woman!

  3. I love this timeline. I’m planning my wedding right now (10.10.14!!) and have gone through every single stage of this too. And are you totally in limbo now with what name to give people when setting up new accounts? I feel like I’m going to have to change SO many things to my new name that I might as well just start giving my name-to-be to avoid having to change it later!

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