Shape Mags Cover Girl!

Happy 26th to me! I survived the weekend, managed to steal away for a birthday run,  and I was beyond delighted to see who December’s Shape Magazine’s cover girl was. 


Mary J
I saw Mary J. live with my sister a few years ago, and even then, she looked fantastic – she rocked an all-white outfit, danced, and made 40 look like the new 16.

Mary J. Blige!  First off, I’m glad she seems to be rebounding well from this…

But seriously, I am so happy to see some diversity on the cover – not just racially, but she’s not a fitness model, she’s over 40, she’s black, and she takes care of her temple.  If that isn’t inspiration, I don’t know what is.  From crispy chicken to that hot bod, I will be running an extra mile and lifting a little extra weight this weight in Queen Mary’s honor.

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