La Boulange blows (at Starbucks)

So you guys know, I’m like super serious about my coffee right?  Ever since I’ve started to experience some GI issues, I’ve had to switch to decaf, which was sort of hard, but the fact is, if I’m consuming something that could potentially burn holes into the lining of my stomach, it’s time to make some changes.

I love my Starbucks. To date, one of the best gifts that I’ve ever gotten came from Debbie last year.  It was a Kindle gift certificate + a Starbucks gift card.  Incredible, and awesome on the budget, cause my budgeting software didn’t have to know that I was still visiting Starbucks at least once a week.

So, the food at Starbucks has always sucked.  That’s just a given, you don’t go the Starbucks to enjoy their scones and rice krispies treats right?

So I was delighted when I heard that Starbucks had worked out a huge deal with La Boulange, a popular bakery in San Francisco, and that they’d be bringing those treats to their stores.  I’d heard great things about La Boulange, so why wouldn’t it be great?  Well leave it to a huge corporation to screw it up.


Finally, La Boulange made it to a store near me, here in Raleigh.  I figured, if for nothing else, let me try this food to try to report to my sweet blog followers what I’d found.  Okay.  I ordered one of those croissant things with the like treat cooked into the middle.  I went with a tomato-y and cheese one.  It was prior to nutrition facts being posted, and I couldn’t find them online, so I took my best educated guess as to what my best option was.

It was so gross.  Not a little gross, it was super nasty.  It was soggy in the middle, and smelled like cafeteria food.  So of course, I ate it.

It was soggy.  And that’s all I need to say.  The minute I get something soggy, I’m out folks.

I’ve researched the choices Starbucks had made, as well, by checking up on the nutrition facts that they’ve posted (thank you, thank you Jesus for folks now being required to post those), and it’s awful.  Barely anything under 300 calories, and the one “healthy” item?  The reduced fat pumpkin cream cheese loaf which weighs in with 10g of fat and 34g of sugar?  Uhhh, no thanks, I’m totally good.

Long story short, I’m sure La Boulange is awesome.  I love boulangeries, and I actually worked in a bakery for some time after grad school.  I have nothing against delicious treats.  But when someone comes in and perverts them?  Oh yes, we’ve got big problems.

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