I ran this morning.

I had to get my tush up at around 5 to make sure I could squeeze 11 in before work this morning.

Getting up early is never fun. Like for any reason. I cannot think of a time in my life when I’ve gotten up at 5 and I’ve thought “YAY, man I’m so glad I missed out on more sleep!” the one rose I found in this patch was that, at the very least, it wasn’t as cold as it was when I was training last winter for my first marathon.

My eyeballs were sandy.

So I made the executive decision to wear my glasses for the run. Bad move. NC is world-famous for her humidity, and my glasses were fogged beyond belief for most of the run. I actually popped them off, and spent the majority of my run both profoundly blind and in fear that I’d not see a car, or that I’d trip over the sidewalk somehow and break my wrist. Yay catastrophic thinking!

By the time I finished, I was feeling great, but in fear of my life, as I’d just run around Raleigh like that blind chick that’d competed on that one season of America’s Next Top Model. (You know the one, Amanda, from Asheville, with the kid?!)



I made it.  The shirt was soaked, I looked like a little shrimp, but I made it.

Gross running stuff. 

I drove so I could run safely in the dark this morning.  And evidently, I got back into my car and soaked the seats.  Because when I got back into the car in regular clothes, my bum was wet.  Ugh.  YAY RUNNING!

Grossest/most worrisome thing that has happened to you when running?

5 thoughts on “I ran this morning.

      1. I have a bunch planned this Fall. Kicks off in a few weeks at Johnson Lexus Half, followed by Asheville City Marathon end of this month. City of Oaks in November. I running Rock N Roll Raleigh, as it lands on my birthday. I want to know how Greensboro goes. I almost signed up for that one. Please let me know.

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