Return to Fat Camp

I blog to you from the (dis)comfort of my iPhone. I wish I could whip out the ol’ laptop, but I’m at camp, and using the laptop is a little tricky. So let’s go over my return to fat camp.

So fun fact, as a fitness instructor, we’re actually tested on what we know, in order to keep you guys, our participants, safe in our class. So every cheesy, annoying step-touch, every step and pull, and every cat stretch that reminds you of the 80s is necessary. So Saturday, I renewed my AFAA Group Exercise certification, which meant a lot of review, plus a test at the end. Gross. But I got it done, then hit the road to camp.

First stop. I got pulled over for “incorrectly wearing my seatbelt” (I wasn’t, I’m just thin.) Truthfully I think the cop got bored because he pulled me over for like two seconds, then let me go. Thanks sir.

But first stop?


Lake Anna in VA to sleep and visit family.


So I continued my trek, and met this lady at the rest stop in Delaware.


Fun fact. I drink so much water, I have to stop at least every three hours. Preferably, at a Starbucks. Also, that’s a Teacup Yorkie. Where can I adopt one? I’m obsessed with her!


And finally, I rolled into Camp Pocono Trails this morning. It’s just as beautiful as I left it. The campers were so excited to see me, and literally poured sweat for 3 hours with me at the helm. I’m sweaty, and a little exhausted, but I’m here, and I can’t wait to work them out this week.

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