Camp Daze.

So, in a few days, I will be headed up to New Jersey to see my grandmother, and to visit other family. While I’m there, I’m going to head to the best place on earth, Camp Pocono Trails.

So a few years ago, me, and my beautiful friend, Morgan, were watching MTV, a documentary presented by MTV. We both were fascinated.

Morgan, please don't kill me for posting this old photo!
Morgan, please don’t kill me for posting this old photo!  Mo’s in the middle.  She’s a beautiful spirit, and we bonded from the moment we met.  

The footage wasn’t particularly sharp. But it was what you’d think, when you thought of a documentary filmed at a camp. The lighting wasn’t great. It was natural. The sunlight. The lights in the gym. The dusky glow across the fields at night. And I was fascinated by the fact that kids, that were sent to this camp to lose weight, were having so much fun. Color wars. First kisses. Camp songs. Lice (remember that?) It seemed like a magical place. And finally, after a month at grad school, years after we’d watched the footage, I got up the courage to apply to work at weight-loss camp, as a fitness specialist. And the cards all fell into place! I was hired.


I remember pulling up to camp. And being like “holy shit”. I mean, pardon me, but it was one of those moments. It was the place where time had stood still in the years since I’d seen the documentary. Except it was more beautiful. Waaay more beautiful. And thus, my employment at the most beautiful place on earth began.

The first night, it rained, and I cried in my little twin bunk like a homesick little kid. I missed home. I missed my family. And I was coming out of a nasty breakup. The escape to heaven on earth (Camp Pocono Trails), however, proved to change my life. I made friends. Incredible, lifelong friends. I lost a little weight. I became a better teacher. I became confident. I taught girls to be confident. I sat out at night and watched a still lake. I fell in love (with myself). I became a little more Jewish. I got a name change (the girls called me Shakira, instead of Cheri). And I’m going back to the slice of heaven where time stands still next week. I can’t wait to show you guys the place that made me, me!

These were the summer loves of my life.  I lived in a cabin with these girls for a whole summer!
These were the summer loves of my life. I lived in a cabin with these girls for a whole summer!

I’m in love with camp 🙂

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