Working out when you’re sick. Do you do it?

PS, my Mom called to threaten me again this morning.  I hope Protective Services is watching out for me.

Thursday night, my throat seemed…dry.  I ran anyways.   “Aw dammit,” I thought, and I put on some distilled water for my neti pot when I got home.

The throat situation grew a little more perilous by Friday.  “Aw dammit.”  I netied three times.

By Sunday, I had to make an executive decision.  Run, and risk that awful cloggy feeling in my already-sore throat?  Or rent two Redboxes, and park it on the couch with a bottle of Essie’s “Trophy Wife”?

I chose the Redbox scenario.  And I think I’m glad I did.  I know I’m glad I did.  There are some sicks when it’s okay to work out.  And you’ll know when that is.  But there are some sicks when your body just needs a break.

Instances When You Don’t Run/Work Out

  • Are you vomiting?
  • Do you have a fever?
  • Tummy upsets?
  • Strep-type situation?
  • Are you going to worsen an already-bad situation?
  • Is your nose going to run all over your shirt?

Instances When You Do. 

  • Are you being annoying and lazy?
  • Do you have cramps ladies? (I swear, working out helps).
  • Are you a little bit pregnant?
  • Are you on the mend from one of the aforementioned instances when you don’t work out?

The moral of the story is, listen to your body.  If you’re sick, and your body is begging for some sleep, go to sleep.  Neti.  Take a hot shower.  And revisit the issue again the next day.  If you’re kinda not sick and you just don’t feel like it, maybe you need a break anyways.  If you’re just being lazy (and I do it too,) make yourself do something short, sweet, but something that still gets your heart pumping a little.  You might find yourself still plugging away, an hour later, and you may feel better about life in general after a nice sweat sesh.

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