I pray my mother doesn’t murder me for posting a photo of her on my blog.

Sorry Mother!


If she is really ticked about it, she will let me know, at approximately 8:43 am tomorrow, after she sees this post.

Anyhoo, so me and Mom don’t always see eye-to-eye.  And by always, I mean we never see eye-to-eye.  My mom thinks I’m insane, and I find her views on things interesting to say the least.  However, no matter how much we disagree, my mom is still my mom, and she still knows how to say momish things.  I broke a bone in my leg my freshman year in college.  Exactly 10 hours after I relayed this message to her, she rolled up to my dorm in her giant blue van, with my siblings in tow, with food and painkillers for me.  A few years later, I called her sobbing when my throat was so sore, that I literally considered drinking liquid nitrogen.  She drove up (once again in the van), to where I was living 2 hours away, scooped me up, took me to the doctor, bought me a milkshake, and picked up all of my prescriptions in the middle of the night.

So as annoying as moms can be, they’re still moms.  And I know this about my mom.

    • She loves peanut M&Ms.
    • My evil sweet tooth comes from her, she likes sweets.
    • Her height is ridiculous.  All four of us are really tall, and it comes from her side.
    • She loves to dance.  (As do I).
    • She’s driven the same heinous blue van since I was in high school.

So, when you’re laughing your butt off, reading my blog, and nodding along to my stellar advice, you now know that I came from a brood of some pretty incredible women. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom, and Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!

3 thoughts on “I pray my mother doesn’t murder me for posting a photo of her on my blog.

  1. 1.) your mom is gorg!
    2.) is that when you broke your foot but you were like nah it’s cool guys lets go get dinner at the dining hall before getting it checked out?

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