Veg cooking isn’t all boring.

So, I’ve been technically pescatarian since my sophomore year of college.  How many years is that?  I’m kinda bad at counting.  Maybe like 6 years is a safe estimate?

Anyhoo, I’m not sure what brought me to that decision, except the food at the Harden Dining Hall tasted like garbage, and the meat was the worst of it all.  And I wasn’t a super meaty girl to begin with.  I never was much of a steak or a burger eater, so it was sort of easy.  I just magically sort of stopped eating it.

At first I think I fell into the trap of eating a lot of french fries and Diet Cokes.  It’s easy to do.  But as I moved further into veggie-land, started living in a more veg-friendly town, started working next to the Whole Foods, and got a few more veg/vegan friends, it became clear that vegetarian meals were very multi-layered.  So many flavors, proteins, and spices.  I started paying The Remedy Cafe, a local veg joint, a few more visits, and I began getting super creative at home with beans, salads, veggie broths, and the crock pot.  It’s been delicious.  I’ll share with you guys a few more recipes if you want!

The Remedy Diner on Hargett Street.  Photo courtesy of Marty’s Flaying Vegan Review. 

So why am I ranting and raving about why Veg Cooking doesn’t blow?  Well I had an interesting interaction this week, and I’m hoping to convince a few of yous to at least try some veg things before you knock it (How do you get protein?! It just ain’t natural!  I cannot live without meat, it’s just too hard).

Well my mom’s been sick, and I headed home the beginning of last weekend to tend to the house and Mom while everyone was gone for a family event.  I cooked a few meatless wonders for her, and she loved  them.  Actually said some of the stuff (super easy spinach quiche, pan seared fish, nuts), was the best she’d tasted.  So I challenge you guys, even if you love love your meaty meaty steaky meat, to try something called Meatless Mondays.  I’m not trying to convert you so calm down.  (But I will say pescatarianism has helped me to look incredibly fly, so if you want to look whack…okay just joshin’…)   Or if you like love steak on Monday, do it Thursday or whenever.  The original purpose was to reduce folks’ consumption of saturated fats.  But I’m just telling you to do this like to broaden your horizons like Mom did.  Do it.  Commit.  Like get all flavorful with it.  Then tell me what you think.  I know you’re gonna love it, but just humor me.

One thought on “Veg cooking isn’t all boring.

  1. I guess I’m what they call a pollo-pescatarian. I eat chicken maybe once a week and the rest is meatless and occasional seafood. I started the beginning of this year (my sophomore year of college oddly enough) and I did it because red meat just does not digest well for the amount of running I do. This combined with no refined sugars and processed foods, I have never felt healthier. I have some recipes on my blog you might enjoy!

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