Cherisse, what am I supposed to wear when I run?

So this question came in, one sort of cold morning about a month ago from Mollie Cavanaugh.  If you’re new to running….if you’re sort of new to running.  If you’re not new, but you’re kind of broke, so you haven’t really looked into running stuff, you may have questions about what you’re supposed to wear.  On this particular day, Mollie had been running, and she was frustrated because she’d had to hold her pants up that were falling off her ass as she ran.  We’ve all been there.  The worst.  Feeling. Ever. 

So why do you need this fancy running stuff?  You’re more than welcome to run in your regs stuff.  Put on your cotton t-shirt.  Put on your like nasty hot sweatpants.  Put on your cheerleading shoes from like 7 years ago.  And run.  It’ll feel fine for like half a mile, and then you’re gonna be all “Ughhh, Cher, like, why do I have blisters everywhere?!  I hate running!”  So like, just listen to me and trust what I’m saying.  I’m not doing this post for my classic good looks.

Jingle Bell

So I’m gonna tell you what to wear so your pants don’t fall down and so you have a comfortable ride.

Top to bottom.  Peep the picture as your guide.

Antlers.  Sike.

Top.  Stop wearing those nasty cotton t-shirts you got for free during undergrad basketball games.  They’re the absolute worst.  Cotton is great for a dress.  Cotton is great for those swabs you use to take your nail polish off.  But for a shirt?  The shirt will get wet and stay wet.  And it will be heavy.  Opt for one of those tops made of a tech fabric.  They’re light, and they will wick moisture away from your skin.  If it’s cooler out?  Layer the fabrics.  But don’t do cotton.

Bra.  I’ve posted on bras before.  Just drop the $50 on a good bra, and don’t look back.  If you are rummaging around on the table at Target for a bra?  You’re in the wrong place.  The absolute last thing you need is for your boobs to be flopping around.  Stick with that good bra, and you can even prevent that droopy thing that starts to happen as we get a little older.

Undies.  Stay.  Away. From those like, disgusting cotton undies.  Buy some workout ones.  I’ve posted on this before.  Moving Comfort makes undies, full bikinis, and thongs.  If you can’t handle their steep price tag ($16 a pair can be nuts), Hanes even makes athletic underwears for about $10 for the 3.

Pantalones.  Again, stick to the techs.  Not everyone is comfy wearing the tight like I am.  Do you like shorts?  Do the shorts.  Do you like more of a fit and flare type look?  Nike makes that.  Choose what works for you. But again, skip the cotton.

Socks.  Synthetics.  I can’t stress it enough.  STOP.  Stop with the damn bags of cotton socks from Wal-Mart.  You’re not doing your toots any favors.  None.  You will bleed.

So here’s the thing.  The stuff gets expensive, so I’m gonna teach you a little trick.  Get your gear piecemeal.  And buy it out of season.  If your paycheck blows, buy one piece a check, and squirrel it away.  Before you know it, you will have what you need.  Running is seriously one of the most economic sports you can partake in, so you can ball on a budget with this sport.  Questions?  Put it in the comments 🙂

5 thoughts on “Cherisse, what am I supposed to wear when I run?

  1. Whoops I’m guilty of all of your above offenses. I better stock up on some good gear before I head back to school and have to eat ramen for the rest of my life! Also, your blog has been inspiring me, I am training for my first event 10k!

    1. Hey, we’ve all been guilty of it! The only way I know some of this stuff is I work in the industry. But for real – some of this stuff will make a HUGE difference.

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