The big question on everyone’s mind?

Will you do this again?

As in, run a marathon.

Abso-frigginlutely.  Without a doubt. Yes.

I won’t lie to you and tell you I felt (physically) like a million bucks after.  In fact, the day after, I felt quite horrid.  Not like anything was hurt, I’ll-never-walk-again horrid, but like, quads were like ::side eye::  hips were like what in the world?!

Three days out and I feel great.  I did a little walk/jog thing on the treadmill last night to get the juices flowing.  I’m ready for a really short, easy run today, and nothing more.  But I’m so ready to sign up for another.  SO ready.  So ready to do better with my time.  So ready to plan out better.  So ready to take an extra day off work so I can actually enjoy the beer they give you after.  So ready to bring a few more friends and let them get addicted to it (in a good way) like I am!  So ready for better weather (here’s hoping) for the next one!

So I’m not sure when.  But soonish.  I’d like to take on this beast again.

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