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Now I’m not sure, how in all of my posting about running, I managed to overlook the important topic of support!  (Sorry fellows, if you’ve continued reading, you may want to bow out here.  I don’t think I can offer you anything in this post.  Sorry!)  But I received a message the other day from an old friend of mine, Sam Zelin, asking me to post a little more in-depth about the topic of support.  Thanks, Sam!  Let’s do it!

Ladies, let’s chat about boobs.  If you’re going to be active – whether it’s running, Turbokick, Yoga, or Zumba, and whether you’re small-chested, or not, you need support.  Not having adequate support is not an excuse to not get active, especially when there are options for every lady out there.  And there is absolutely nothing more painful than when you’re driving down the street.  You look to your right and there’s a girl running.  And her breasts look like they’re fully prepared to give her black eyes.  That’s not good at all.

This is a well-supported pair. This particular bra is the Vixen, which supports without creating the uniboob effect that so many of us seem to hate.

So the first step? Identify where you fall. Are you small-chested? Middle-of-the-road? Larger chested? Breastfeeding? Just had a baby? Once you identify this, get a real bra fitting to get your actual size. Not the size you think you are. About 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size. Sometimes, me included, because I can’t seem to let go of some old bras. But get a real fitting for a real bra. THEN take yourself down to the local running specialty store (Fleet Feet ain’t a bad start!) and let the uber-qualified ladies meet your needs.  Whatever you do absolutely DO NOT, do not, DO NOT run down to Target, or worse, Wal-Mart, and grab one of those nasty Champion/Danskin bras off their bra table.  What will happen is your boobs will flop around everywhere as you exercise, unless you put two on.  Which is stupid.  You should not have to layer bras to get a sweet exercise situation poppin off.  At any rate, here’s a little guide to help you when you get down for your first official sports bra fitting.

Small Breasts You actually can get away with one of those Champions, but it’s not the best option.   Try Moving Comfort’s Alexis, Phoebe, Vixen, or Charity for a little bit of compression, as well as some high-impact support.
Medium Breasts You may need a little more support than some of our smaller-chested friends.  Try Moving Comfort’s Vixen, Juno, Fiona, or Jubralee.   
Large Breasts This is where I fall.  I was always convinced that there wasn’t a bra out there for me, but there is!  For us ladies, try Moving Comfort’s Fiona, Maia, or Juno.
REALLY Large Breasts Ladies, don’t fret.  There is definitely a bra out there for you.  For you ladies (bless you!) try Moving Comfort’s Maia.  Also Enell makes a great bra called the Enell Sport. It’s not pretty, by any means, but it will do the job.

Honorable mentions: Nike makes a super decent sports bra with adequate compression and shape, so that’s not a bad route to go. If you’re looking for something cute? Check out your favorite running sneaker company, and look at their apparel. Usually they’ll have a decent bra to match whatever new outfit you have.

Now this list is by no means exhaustive, however, Moving Comfort really changed my approach to working out. Instead of having to put two bras on, one Fiona got me through countless summers teaching fitness to teens at camp. In addition, spend money on your bras! If you pay $14 for a bra, what the heck do you expect your boobs to do?

7 thoughts on “Boobs!

  1. For those of you who are looking for budget-friendly sports bras, Sierra Trading Post usually has a wide array of Moving Comfort bras (I swear by the Fiona) at GREAT discount prices!

    If you are of the larger-chested persuasion…
    I highly recommend this bra:
    and this bra:

    And finally, if you have trouble finding bras that really fit and you happen to live ANYWHERE near an {intimacy} store (, GO CHECK THEM OUT IMMEDIATELY. The sales associates are actually trained in bra fittings and will spend over an hour with you making sure you get a bra that fits perfectly. They don’t work on commission and are not pushy in the least. Having a good-fitting bra has changed my life, and this store sells top of the line bras in all shapes and sizes.

    Thanks, Cheri!!!!!

    1. Dang! Thank you for this as well! Very valuable. Sports bras can definitely get more than a little pricey, and this is really helpful to a lot of ladies.

      I too, swear by the Fiona – comes in a ton of cool colors, cleans really really well, and seems like it will hold up FOREVER!

  2. Hahaha when I first started running my chest was a full cup size (or two) bigger than it is now. I lost a GOOD amount of boobage with running. I am so glad with that because I hated the floppy feeing, and I would always wear TWO bras. I still do..because moving boobs are just not an option for me! Great post.

    1. Oh my gosh, I totally know the feeling. Mine were a cup size or two bigger, and I just didn’t know that there were better bras out there until a sweet roommate of mine directed me to find a bra at an Omega. I really don’t know that I would be as active as I am now without it.

  3. I know this was post is a guide for the ladies. I just want to thank you because being a guy, I don’t really know what I am looking for. Valentine’s Day is coming up and I want to get a few for my wife and this helps.

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