Here goes!

I have to admit (and maybe this isn’t a great way to win a vote of confidence), that this official blog thing is absolute terrifying to me.  Sure, I’ve dabbled in celebrity blogging, and some tumblr posts for the 14-year-old girl in me, but this official chronicle of the work that’s about to go into my charity work for Haiti is a little daunting.  So let me explain what it is that we’re doing here.

So I’m a fairly avid runner.  I actually work in running now, which is pretty cool.  I spend most of my day around like-minded, fitnessy, and healthy folks.  So the other day, I was doing a short run, when the idea hit me.  I’m Haitian, and in my 25 years, Haiti has really gone through it.  The largest of these events was a 7.0-magnitude earthquake in January of 2010, which absolutely devastated the already-struggling country.  Following the earthquake, which resulted in massive loss of life, the country was again and again devastated by hurricanes the following hurricane season, which further stunted the recovery efforts.  Long story short, Haiti’s got a ways to go.

So I’m running the other day, I think a tempo run.  Short and fast, nothing really special.  And if you know anything about you, you totally know that my brain never shuts off.  So especially when I’m running, my mind just goes and goes and goes and goes.  So I get to thinking about Haiti, and I start playing with what I can do to actually make some sort of difference this year, instead of just remaking .  Here’s what I came up with.

I run.  God willing, I will be running throughout the month of December and January (despite some of these freezing temperatures!) So why not run for a reason?  Why not use the fact that I’m able-bodied to do something larger than myself?  So what I came up with was an idea.  Between December 12th, 2012, and the end of January, 2013, I plan to log every single mile that I run with the help of my Garmin, and this blog.  For each mile I run, I’m rallying the troops to pledge some amount of money.  What I’m hoping is to raise awareness, and some funds to let Haitians know that we care, even 3 years later.

Like I said, this task is ridiculously daunting.  It’s going to take a colossal amount of planning, coordination, organization, and commitment to raise my goal of at least $1500.  But this idea came to me for a reason, and I want to see this through.  So I’m inviting you to follow me from planning, to when the organization I’m working with collects our final total.  Cheers to a successful finish!

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