Wedding Wednesday! Ceptin’ it’s Friday, but whatevs!

Y’all know about my love affair with my husband-to-be right? ¬†Cause he handsome and really amazing, and is really good at math things, which I am not ūüôā well, we did something really really cool that was wedding related and I honestly couldn’t wait until next Wednesday to tell you about it so you’re gonna have to deal. ¬†#sorrynotsorry. So today, we hopped on over to Diamonds Direct Crabtree, who is hosting their spring Designer Showcase ALL OF THIS WEEKEND! ¬†Go, cause that ¬†means a ton of stuff is on sale, wedding bands, engagement jewelry, and a TON of other stuff. ¬†Like, I already picked out my stuff for our first, fifth, and tenth anniversaries. ¬†20 is gonna be a doozy, just sayin’.

To be 100% transparent with you guys, I loved the customer service that I received at Diamonds Direct  so much that we partnered up, and I am covering some of their events in the lead-up to my wedding in exchange for a discount on some wedding items.  But all opinions are strictly my own.

Hohkay, moving right along…

DSC_0415 DSC_0416 These cars out front kinda made me want to rent something fancy for our wedding. ¬†NO! ¬†Budget, Cheri! DSC_0418 ¬† Here’s some info on the showcase. ¬†There’s free food tonight….just sayin’… DSC_0420 DSC_0421

Baby boy talks to a rep from a jewelry company that is being represented at the showcase….


I’ve had the pleasure of meeting/working with the handsome fellow on the left, Barak, a few times, and he literally makes you feel like a celebrity in his store.


Andddd here is the fun part! ¬†I don’t care that I already have a beautiful beautiful engagement ring, sparkly rings are sparkly rings!

DSC_0430 DSC_0431The selection at the showcase was SO huge…we actually went to shop for Austin’s band a few weeks back, and decided to come back for the showcase, and they really delivered. ¬†This isn’t the entire selection of Tungston Carbide rings either.


An expert chatting it up with my man friend making his final decision!

So the full info on the Diamonds Direct Spring Designer Showcase?

Friday, April 25th – 10am-8pm <-Free Food that day, so come hungry and sober.

Saturday, April 26th, 10am-8pm

Sunday, April 27th 12pm-6pm

Click here for more info, but head over there for 20% off of a TON of jewelry.

Wedding Wednesday!

This week has been really really difficult in Weddingland.

It started with the fact that I feel like I’m behind in literally¬†everything. ¬†

Then my poor boss, Matthew, was sick for the first two days this week, meaning that I was left to run the office. ¬†This would be the point at which two of my clients decide to elope from thee program, not before one literally told me to f–k off.

And all the while, I feel like nothing has gotten done.

I had a dream last night that I flipped my save-the-dates over and that they said “Happy Birthday Cheri and Austin”

Holy shit.

10177970_10100307140824303_3532745304334589648_nIn beautiful news, the save-the-dates are gorgeous, and I will do an official reveal of them once I get them all stamped and sent out.

My best boy, Michael accepted to be a groomsman.

And I look like a dream with my hair pulled up.  I think I was born in the wrong decade and I want to start dressing more like Dita Von Teese.

photo (3)


Phew. I am working so hard to make sure next Wedding Wednesday, I have more to tell you ūüôā

Brides, you ever have a week like this one?

Wedding Wednesday!


Okay, so I was planning for my Wedding Wednesday (hashtag Wedding Wednesday on the Twitter) posts to continue maybe only through my wedding, which is in August.  Well we get to continue these posts cause guess what?

20140412_111714 unnamedMy little sister is engaged, and I could not be more happy for her!

More posts! ¬†More wedding stuff! ¬†more helping her figure out the stuff that I need! ¬†And guess what wedding nerds? ¬†That means more posts for you! (Provided she doesn’t elope). ¬†I’m not making any guarantees though.


I don’t think that I’m a major bridezilla, but something happened today that was no one’s fault, but I felt myself melting down a little bit. ¬†Ladies, do everything you need to do early cause I promise you, this will happen. ¬†But yesterday, when I called to check on the save-the-dates, a mistake had been made (not on the part of the paper shop), and the pre-invites were not ready. ¬†And I almost burst into tears. ¬†I don’t know why exactly, but I’d planned to have this finished¬†weeks ago. ¬†Why this?!

I talked to my mom, and one of my bridesmaids, and they both assured me it was fine, and that we had plenty of time.  Okay.  But it still really freaked me out.

Anyone else run into planning issues?  Also!  My sister is engaged!


Wedding Wednesday

I feel like time has been wearing spoilers, and I don’t know where the time is going, and how we’re on another Wednesday, on another week. ¬†But it’s time, it’s time for another edition of Wedding Wednesday, where you get to hear about all the crap I did in the past week to make this wedding actually happen. ¬†So, a few things, that I’ve gotten done in the time that I’ve seen you.

photo (27)So I started last week by going to the paper store for Save-the-Dates and things, and while I was there, I picked up some things to craft some little cards and treats for the Bridesmaids and Groomsmen, who don’t really know who they are as of yet, because I sent the thingies out yesterday. ¬†The Groomsmen’s card was pretty easy to do, only took some craft paper, some blank cards, some felt-tipped pens, and some little crafty things that were groom-themed to glue onto the cards, plus some twine from the jewelry store. ¬†These are more for my piece of mind because we gave them to one of the groomsmen and I literally saw him shove it into the pocket of his cargo shorts.

photo (26)These little numbers were fun to make, and I did them for my bridesmaids.  I sent them out today, and I totally hope that they say yes!

photo 3 (4)This project literally took forever, but I’m loving the look of what we can do with these. ¬†This one was just a practice, and thank you Nicole from The Girl who Ran Everywhere¬†for helping me, a complete stranger, with this. ¬†She has been an absolute dream, and I don’t know you, but I am so indebted to you girl. ¬†This one took floral wire, buttons, and about 5 hours to get done. ¬†Like I said, just a practice, so I’m loving the way it’s going. ¬†One practice down, about 8 or so more to go. ¬†WHEW!

Fun Wedding Facts

  • Crafting has been amazing, and I love it. ¬†I need to quit my job and blog, craft, and work out full time.
  • I had my first wedding-related sticker shock today, when I headed to FedEx to send some stuff to the bridesmaids.


I’d really rather not get into how much all of this costed me, but suffice it to say that it cost me way too much, and I need to be super super careful about how I send stuff. ¬†Seriously, I almost fainted in that FedEx.

Okay, so that’s it on wedding updates on this wedding Wednesday, but I’ve gotten so much done!

Now I need a favor from you guys.

If anyone has buttons or brooches around their house and they would like to be a little piece of my wedding, please contact me through here and send those buttons/brooches my way! ¬†Can’t wait to hear from you guys!


Wedding Wednesday!

I really can’t believe it’s Wednesday, and I’m kicking myself trying to figure out where the time is going. ¬†Is anyone else feeling like the time is seriously rocketing past us? ¬†I will be middle-aged before we know it, and you’ll be there reading, and I’ll be sitting here writing about how it is to be working out as a middle-aged interracially married woman.

That will be fun.

Anyhoo, let’s chatty chat because it’s HUMP DAY. ¬†Woop woop! ¬†Sike, I’m kinda done with that joke.

Okay, so where are we in this Wedding Wednesday process?

Well, for starters, the fact that I started linking up with Kristyn, who is unfortunately taking a break from blogging has really kept me accountable for some of the things that I need to get done because I don’t want to show up on a Wednesday or a Tuesday night with nothing to show you guys. It’s not cool! ¬†Also Kristyn, ¬†I will miss ya girl, but hopefully you’ll be around and giving a lot of commentary!

So where am I with wedding stuff?

I’m at a really really good place where I’ve actually started to get stuff done and schedule some appointments that we’ve really been needing to have. ¬†Weddings Bands: ¬†For starters, tomorrow, me and Austin are going to go get our wedding bands tomorrow. ¬†I’ve shown you guys what I’m planning to get…

photo (9)Ignore the fact that my nails were not painted for once, and check out my ring(s). ¬†I’m doing two rose gold eternity bands, and they look amazing either on their own or with my wedding band. ¬†Austin is wanting to go with a tungsten carbide ring, which I think is impossibly sexy, and I like it a lot. ¬†I kind of want to see what a rose gold band would look like on him too! ¬†So the appointment for that is set tomorrow at 4pm and then we’re going to sushi. ¬†Best. Evening. Ever.

Save-the-Dates: ¬†A newly-married bride friend of mine told me about, a service that allows people to log in, put in their addresses, and for you to be able to easily and quickly compile them into an organized space. ¬†It’s cool because I’ve had to do minimal hounding to get people to give me their addresses because it’s so easy! ¬†Thank God for a service like this.

And finally….

The invite list: ¬†This has, by far, been one of the toughest parts of the planning process. ¬†So our venue can only hold 150 people, which sounds like a lot, but it really really isn’t when you include your family, his family, and then the friends and things you might share. ¬†I’m terrified that I’m leaving someone off, or that someone may get insulted by not receiving an invite. ¬†I assure you, it’s (mostly) not personal with anyone, and I really want to have every single person I’ve ever seen in my life basically at my wedding, but we’re not made of money, and the venue literally can only fit 150 people. ¬†What that boils down to, is people we care about and people who are special to us. ¬†No more, and no less.

::Deep breath::

How’s your Wednesday going? ¬†Any brides out there doing the same thing as I am?¬†



Wedding Wednesday! “March” of the Brides

I figured since the countdown is officially on, and since I’m actually going to need to buckle down to get us married in the next couple of months, I’d start this Wedding Wednesday thing to kind of keep me on track, and let you know how I’m doing with my progress on things.

But first, my our new camera. ¬†But what’s ours is really mine, amirite? ¬†Happy fianc√©e, happy Beyonc√©, ya know what I mean?

So anyhoo, with the new camera fully charged out, I set out to shooting really important things.

DSC_0007Such as my very pissed off looking cat. ¬†Whatever cat, I bathed you for the better part of the entire fall to rid you and my home of fleas, so I will shoot you all I want, and you will deal. ¬†He’s also not that fat, the picture is not his best angle, but I will get there.

So besides taking pictures of any and everything I come across, I’m really starting to buckle down and get serious about this wedding thing. ¬†The reason I’ve been a little slow to really really get started (besides the venue and the invite list and a few other things), is because we really just haven’t had time, and I want to do everything myself! ¬†But now that I have a few weekends where I’m guaranteed to be at home, it’s time to start! ¬†And here’s what we got!

  1. Save-the-dates. ¬†I literally don’t care if you think save-the-dates (STDs for short, lol) are stupid, they’re the way that you introduce the idea of you guys getting married to the world¬†plus they’re a good way for you to inform all of your out of town guests that something’s going down in a little less than 6 months. ¬† You can’t send people in New York your invite 6 weeks before and expect them to hop in their cars and book a hotel in that short amount of time, okay? ¬†So I went to the paper store, got a quote, and the fabulous Evane Corder¬†is drawing me up a little something for us to get printed on the cards. ¬†So that, and I want to send them out by the end of this month. ¬†Hold me to that, okay?
  2. “March” of the Brides. ¬†So Saturday, Diamonds Direct Crabtree¬†has the coolest thing going on for us brides-to-be. ¬†25 of us were picked to compete in fun games (for some reason, I’m envisioning field day games), and I will be down there, with the support of my husband-to-be, competing for prizes and freebies for the big day. ¬†So, I am officially inviting anyone in the Raleigh area to bring a thermos full of mimosa, and watch be elbow other brides (jk!) so that we can win free stuff for our wedding!
  3. An invite list. ¬†I’m finally really at peace with that, because at first, the idea of inviting folks and not forgetting anyone can be really really intimidating, but I’m at the point where I’m comfortable with those whom I’ve chosen to be a part of our special day. ¬†I actually started to recognize that it’s about¬†us and therefore, we can have people that we like there. ¬†That’s a nice feeling!
  4. A dress! ¬†My mom said she was gonna go ahead and order it tomorrow, and I wish I could show it to you but nah! ¬†It’s a secret! ¬†But I’m so essited for you to see it ūüôā

Okay ladies getting married, link up in the comments and hashtag yo tweets. ¬†It’s Wedding Wednesday!

Wedding Wednesday