More reality tv!!

You ladies k?now I love trashy television, right?

There’s this one…




Oh.  This too.

Teen MomAnd then there’s been Real World, Road Rules, Taking the Stage, Real Housewives of All the Places,  Total Divas, Below Deck, Botched, Shah’s of Sunset, Flipping Out with Jeff Lewis, Party Down South, and that’s about it.

Until I was watching Party Down South, and stumbled upon Steve Austin’s (yes, the wrestler guy) Broken Skull Challenge on CMT.

Now, while a Broken Skull Challenge doesn’t sound like a jolly ranchin’ good time, this show is awesome.  It’s American Ninja Warrior meets wrestling – lot’s of dirt, lots of heat, and some running.  What’s not to love?

What’s your latest reality show obsession?


Botched + Second Breakfast

First all, let me tell you about this app I discovered.

I registered me and the hubster for Fitbits for our wedding.  While we’re kinda like waitinnnng for one of our awesome friends to bestow upon us gifts so we don’t get “marriage fat” like a lot of folks say that you do when you get married, I’ve downloaded this app, called ‘Moves’ that I heard about in Shape Magazine last month.

It’s on your iPhone, and it tracks your movement throughout the day.  My goal is 10K steps, and I may up that to 20K once I get my Fitbit and can track when I’m not carrying my phone on me.  What is great about things like these is the fact that you never realize how sedentary you are until you have the numbers to back it up.  As a really active person, it’s pretty nuts that I sometimes have to hop up from my desk and do a lap to get my steps in.

Moves AppWhat I think is really cool, is the point in the day where I have run more steps than I’ve walked.  It always makes me think that my main mode of transport is my two legs, and that is really the coolest feeling – that I am really self-sufficient in a sense.


So part of the  other thing I’ve had to adopt doing is this concept of “second breakfast”. I used to have to do the second breakfast thing when I was working in the bakery at Whole Foods for a little while, post grad-school.  If you didn’t know, if you work in a bakery, you have to wake up at ungodly hours in order to have breads, coffees, and sweet things out.  So I used to eat something light and quick before work, and then during my break around 10 am or so, I would eat second breakfast, which was a more substantial meal.  Since I sometimes drop by my job super early or try to take an instructor’s class, I’m starting that second breakfast thing.  Usually my breakfasts are super healthy and involved a fruit and/or a smoothie.  But sometimes I go to Whole Foods and get one of these…

SconeWell, two things.  I ate one a few days later.  But yum to that breakfast!  I wish I could live off of breakfast foods and sweet things.  But alas, scones aren’t very good marathon fuel, so I have to eat other things sometimes.  Bummmmer!


I think you guys have me pretty well figured out by now.  I love love love reality television, and I will watch anything once.  Except the NFL.  So over 4th of July weekend, I started watching this show called ‘Botched’ which has changed my life for good.

The premise of ‘Botched’?

The premise involves two famous plastic surgeons, who we know as husbands of Real Housewives, Terry DuBrow and Paul Nassif, high skilled surgeons, who are consulted to do revisional surgeries, or basically, to fix surgeries once horrid surgeons have screwed it up.  It is so so frightening to know that there are doctors who run around screwing up people’s bodies, but they’re out there, hacking folks’ bodies left and right.

Now I’m pretty cool with my body, and I take good care of it, but once in a while, I think about getting my breasts reduced and lifted, or getting my nose fixed to look like my sister’s who I swear got the good nose.  But after watching hours of ‘Botched,’ I say HECK NO.  What a scary show!

What is your favorite breakfast food cuties?!



My love affair with reality television.

I’d say I have some pretty good things going for me.  I’m at least moderately attractive.  I’m very in shape, and I have a nice(ish) personality, right?

Don’t answer that.

But I have a really, truly dark secret.  I have a love affair with reality television.

Off the top of my head, here are a few quality programs I have watched in the past few years.

  • Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew.


    • 16 and Pregnant
    • Teen Moms 1 and 2
    • America’s Next Top Model


  • Real Housewives of Atlanta/New York/Beverly Hills/Orange County (not sure why Andy continues to bother with Miami, and DC was horrific.)


  • Flipping Out with Jeff Lewis
  • Work Out with Jackie Warner
  • Party Down South (thank you Jesus for this discovery on late-night television)
  • The Millionaire Matchmaker
  • Watch What Happens Live
  • Couples Therapy
  • Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team


380887_10100318509646029_899369494_n…And these are just to name a few. 

My love affair with reality television began when I was in middle school, and Road Rules (the literal best invention ever), and Real World were at the peak of their popularity.

the-real-world-oI dreamt of being on one of these shows, and I’m not sure why.  Over the summers, when we’d be home from school, MTV would play marathons for days and days, and I would watch them all, hoping that my mother would not find out about my strange addiction (which I don’t watch, funny enough).  I once auditioned for the X-Factor, made it pretty far, and had my dreams crushed before the season started.  Glad it didn’t work out though 🙂

Please ladies, tell me I’m not the only one in this boat.  Are you addicted to terrible reality telly?  Which shows are your faves?

The Blogmopolitan Quiz

Numero uno, do you guys know that my girl Khloé Kardashian is on the cover of Cosmo this month, and she’s looking great, post-divorce from Lamar Odom.

1393349859000-Cosmo-Khloe-KardashianMy job is not to sit up here and bash a person pretty obviously struggling with addiction, but as far as this blogger is concerned, Lamar screwed up and needs to be working, day and night to get this beautiful and very funny lady back.  She’s my favorite Kardashian.

Now speaking of Cosmo, how much do you love their quizzes?  Well, thanks to Erin, over at Two Thirds Hazel, you guys have a Blogmopolitan Quiz on the best celebrity of them all, MICHAEL JACKSON me! 🙂

The Blogmopolitan Quiz.jpgMy takeaways?

1. I asked other people.  Apparently, I’m a Carrie, and I’m not sure how to feel about that, especially given that she screwed Aiden.  I mean, the movie was great and all, but do you think Aiden would have left her at the alter?

2.  I love love.  It’s probably my first love, with animals and physical activity as a close second.

3.  Running and blogging is what I’m supposed to be doing.  I will do this until blogs are lame, the same way MySpace went.

Are far as personality goes, who are you?  A Carrie,  a Charlotte, Miranda, or Samantha?