What do you guys think about those phone leasing programs?

I’m asking you guys for advice.

But first.

Orange CatHere is a picture of my ill-mannered cat, Martin.

I’m a little sick of his shit.

I mean, I give him everything he could ever possibly need.  Food.  Shelter.  He gets to play in the bathtub when he wants to.  But still, this little bastard has the nerve, gall, and the audacity to consistently have a bad attitude.  It’s like housing a surly teen.  At least with the dogs, they actually act like they’re grateful, and look sorry when they act up and you catch them.  But this cat…


It’s like that kid.

Also, it’s supposed to be 77 degrees in North Carolina today. Keep in mind we were all looking like a bunch of fools with this, and there is still snow on the ground at the national park, to the point that they canceled the Umstead Marathon this weekend. 😦 I feel bad for all the people who signed up – but hoping they’re all able to defer and do it next year. Global warming is not a joke evidently…

Moving right along.

So I need advice.  Phone advice.  

I currently own the iPhone 4s, which is starting to grind to a halt.  I’ve gone all over – I went to the device service center, who sent me to the Apple store, who told me to go to AT&T.  When I got there, the gentleman explained that they didn’t have the 4s any longer in the store (which I totally understand because the phone was released like 4 years ago), and that I would have to to upgrade through their Next program.  I researched a bit, and essentially, instead of buying the phone outright, you lease it over a 24-30 month period.

I guess my issues with this is the world “lease”.  So I don’t own the phone.  I make these payments, and at the end, I don’t get to keep the phone.  If the phone makes it that long…I don’t beat my phones up and keep them in a case at all times, and I’ve never had a phone last much longer than 2 years.  Plus there are some pretty caustic responses to the plan, so I’m at a loss for what to do.

I’ve already explored the insurance route – with insurance, they would replace my phone with another 4s.  Which is fine, but how long before this phone grinds to a halt?

Which brings me to this question.  I use my phone for EVERYTHING, including a lot of the classes I teach. I used to use my iPod a ton, but that thing crapped out on me a few weeks ago, so I’m solely reliant on my phone for a lot of my music needs and things.

All of that said, what is my best option?  I’m reading all of this stuff and it doesn’t make sense.  Do I do the insurance and just get the 4s?  How long before the 4s isn’t supported by anything?  

Blah!  Let me know what you guys think!

Tinder Dilemma

Hi!  I totally hope you guys are doing amazingly today – it’s Austin’s birthday today and between prepping to take him out for din and actually washing my birds nest of a mane, some things didn’t get scheduled, and you were out a post this morning.  For that I am sorry.  Only a little sorry though, cause I managed to squeeze a run in too this morning before it got up over 90 degrees, and that’s invaluable these days.

Now, moving right along folks, I want to present to you a little something that we in the biz (that’s what we call social work, the biz) call a dilemma.

So, have you guys heard of TInder? For those of you who are not privy to how us kids are getting’ down, a lot of our relationships are starting online.  And from that online dating thing, a few really interesting apps have developed, all for the purposes of providing millennials like me with an option to meet folks with the one thing we don’t leave home without – our phones.


It’s cool, and it eliminates the awkward bar interactions that used to pre-date a relationship.

[As a side night, thank you lawdy that I had the good fortune to meet Austin during graduate school, cause God forbid I was out on the market now, I don’t think I could handle it.]

So here’s the dilemma, which a friend posted to Facebook a few days ago.

She’s on TInder. A “happily married” male friend of hers was on Tinder.  Does she say anything to the wife, who is also a friend of hers?  Does she stay out of it?  Maybe the couple is into that, right?

My understanding is is if you’re not looking for a relationship, you’re not on Tinder, or you’re not on of of these sites right?  But unless I’m really really close to one in the couple, I’m staying out of it…but is that the wrong thing to do?

Have any of you guys experienced a dilemma like this?  What do you think? 

Oh, and if you haven’t today, please vote for me to be on the cover of Women’s Running Mag!

Last 10 photos…

So, I cannot remember which blogger I borrowed this from.  But if it’s you, I totally credit you – please hit me up and I would LOVE to give you credit for this idea.  So please, help me remember!

Anyhoo, so I read this the other day, and I thought I would try it!

Here it is, the last 10 photos there were in my iPhone.  

So, surprisingly there were no selfies in there.  Bummer for you, because my face isn’t so bad to look at.

photo 1 (2)

I was kinda feeling naughty at work the other day and kinda sprinkled the floor with post-its.  🙂

photo 1

I’m too old to be shopping at XXI, but I had a sexy little romper from there, and the strap broke fright before the Twisted Measure concert, and we had to run to Michael’s to get pins to fix it.

photo 2 (2)Just kidding about the selfie!  I did a little charcoal mask the other day.  It makes my skin look stunning!

10176038_10100314959390833_1017502743551108450_nMy little muffin needs a groomer, but she hates riding in the car, so I’m not sure how we’re gonna get there.

photo 2

These adorable little earrings one of the girls was wearing at brunch on Sunday morning 🙂

photo 3 (2)

Look at my great find I made at the antique shop for my wedding.  SO exciting!

photo 3

My soon-to-be husband holds my purse link a gorilla – I cannot break him of this habit, nor am I interested in trying any longer.

photo 4


Could I really get any more salsa?  I use it on my eggs and it’s the only thing that rivals the Sriracha.

photo 5 (2)

My ring was looking extra pretty 🙂

photo 5And the salad I made for my lunch today!  It was so yummy!

Describe the last photo on your phone….

The Apple Store.

I visited the Apple store twice in the last four days.  That’s a lot of Apple.  And a lot of products.

So first, I’ve been rocking the same iPod since about 2011-2012, but in reality, the iPod has been floating around for about 5 years, and was gifted to me after some hoodlum stole it from the gym at the Banana on Glenwood (my old apartment building).  The fair Ashely Little, one of my bridesmaids, shipped me the iPod, and saved me a million dollars for my classes.

So last week, I went in to replace the iPod ($150), and while I was there, I swapped out my phone because the camera was doing this weird thing….

10154254_10100302828930373_6607342305233116822_nWhere it would leave this ghostly black line through the top of the photos.  It was driving me crazy, and I felt like, even though I do a lot of my photographing on my new real camera, I hated putting pics like this one up on the blog because it’s ratchet. So I swapped it out.  Free, because I still had 65 days left on my warranty.

So after yesterday’s debacle, when I locked my keys in my car, fell asleep on the front porch, and scraped up the entire right side of my body, I realized, upon falling down and spraining my thumb, that I’d cracked the screen of my new iPhone, the one that I’d gotten 3 days earlier.

When glass started affixing itself to the side of my head, I knew I had to go in.  And there, 4 days after I swapped out my iPhone, I spent $200 despite begging and pleading for them to have mercy on me to replace my broken phone.

Expensive lesson learned.

Once again, I nailed it.

On the plus, the people at the Apple store are really nice, and I feel for them because of the sheer volume of idiocy I saw.  Some guy jumped in line in front of me to check in, then left the grounds when they were calling his name.  This older lady from Michigan plopped down in a chair and then stated that she had not been helped.  But you plopped down and thought someone was gonna magically know to help you in a crowded store?  Then this couple was literally shouting at this one associate….I just cannot.

Tell me your best broken phone story!

Here’s what! What three things are you obsessed with today?

I dedicate this post to none other than Bravo Andy.  If you know anything of me, you know that I love Bravo, and Bravo Andy is seriously my American Idol.  I think we were separated at birth, because our senses of humor are strikingly similar.  But I’m going into far too much detail about my Jewish brethren, let’s get on with it!  At the beginning of each broadcast, Andy does his “Here’s What” segment, which involves him telling us what three things he’s obsessed with that day.

So here’s what!

1.  Butter London Nail Polish in Pimms.photo 2 (4)I have been looking for a good quality yellow polish for a long time, and I just haven’t found the right shade for my skin tone.  I finally researched, and found this color on Amazon.  Once I found out that Ulta carried the polish, which runs at $15 a bottle (whew!) I bought it last night, and gave myself a much-needed mani.  The color is gorgeous, and is bringing a lot of sunshine to an otherwise crappy weather situation.

photo 3 (3)

2.  The Netflix app for iPhone.  I have been a big fan of Netflix for a long time, however, I figured something really really cool out.  Yesterday, after I taught Zumba, I was dreading having to run 5 miles for marathon training because I just wasn’t comfortable doing it outside.  A lot of the trails and side roads are still really icy here, and I didn’t want to risk slipping and injuring myself.  So I got the bright idea to download the Netflix app, and watch a movie while I plodded through 5 miles. 

photo (1)I’ve seen ‘Flight’ before, but since I’d liked it so well the first time, I decided to watch it again.  The movie is fantastic.  Seriously.  The previews were a little deceptive, although the story is based around this pilot, the plot deals more with addiction and less with flying than you’d think, though this movie seriously has one of THE best flight scenes I think I’ve ever seen.  But if addiction interests you whatsoever, please watch this.

3.  This dog. 

photo (14)Coco is the tiny girl wonder who came into our lives a few weeks ago.  She’s an absolute doll, and I’m having a blast spoiling the heck out of her.  We’re still working on potty problems, but honestly, nothing makes me happier than waking up in the middle of the night and peeking down at the edge of the bed to see her curled up.  She is SO good.  If she doesn’t stop crapping on my floor though, I’m gonna cook her for dinner!

I kid!  She’s great!

So, on this icy Friday, what three things are you obsessed with?  Feel free to send me pics of your dogs too, you know I love a good dog pic 🙂