What do you guys think about those phone leasing programs?

I’m asking you guys for advice.

But first.

Orange CatHere is a picture of my ill-mannered cat, Martin.

I’m a little sick of his shit.

I mean, I give him everything he could ever possibly need.  Food.  Shelter.  He gets to play in the bathtub when he wants to.  But still, this little bastard has the nerve, gall, and the audacity to consistently have a bad attitude.  It’s like housing a surly teen.  At least with the dogs, they actually act like they’re grateful, and look sorry when they act up and you catch them.  But this cat…


It’s like that kid.

Also, it’s supposed to be 77 degrees in North Carolina today. Keep in mind we were all looking like a bunch of fools with this, and there is still snow on the ground at the national park, to the point that they canceled the Umstead Marathon this weekend. 😦 I feel bad for all the people who signed up – but hoping they’re all able to defer and do it next year. Global warming is not a joke evidently…

Moving right along.

So I need advice.  Phone advice.  

I currently own the iPhone 4s, which is starting to grind to a halt.  I’ve gone all over – I went to the device service center, who sent me to the Apple store, who told me to go to AT&T.  When I got there, the gentleman explained that they didn’t have the 4s any longer in the store (which I totally understand because the phone was released like 4 years ago), and that I would have to to upgrade through their Next program.  I researched a bit, and essentially, instead of buying the phone outright, you lease it over a 24-30 month period.

I guess my issues with this is the world “lease”.  So I don’t own the phone.  I make these payments, and at the end, I don’t get to keep the phone.  If the phone makes it that long…I don’t beat my phones up and keep them in a case at all times, and I’ve never had a phone last much longer than 2 years.  Plus there are some pretty caustic responses to the plan, so I’m at a loss for what to do.

I’ve already explored the insurance route – with insurance, they would replace my phone with another 4s.  Which is fine, but how long before this phone grinds to a halt?

Which brings me to this question.  I use my phone for EVERYTHING, including a lot of the classes I teach. I used to use my iPod a ton, but that thing crapped out on me a few weeks ago, so I’m solely reliant on my phone for a lot of my music needs and things.

All of that said, what is my best option?  I’m reading all of this stuff and it doesn’t make sense.  Do I do the insurance and just get the 4s?  How long before the 4s isn’t supported by anything?  

Blah!  Let me know what you guys think!

4 thoughts on “What do you guys think about those phone leasing programs?

  1. ah that’s tough! Can you look for an att iphone (hopefully newer than the 4s, bc you’re right, that is getting ‘old’ in phone terms!) on amazon or ebay or craigslist or something and get your number transferred to it? I thought that was allowed for at least some carriers?? I would be scared to do the leasing, too.

    1. I think what I’m going to do is squeeze whatever life is remaining on my phone, and then in a few months, just buy the phone of my choice unlocked + in cash, and then activate it at the store. The leasing program seems like you’ll end up paying WAY more the phone is worth, and you don’t own the phone at the end, so it seems kinda scammy.

  2. I’ve never heard of the leasing program (I’m in Canada) but there are lots of trade in programs, which seems to be about the same thing. BUT – I’ve always kept my phone and then sell it after. I’ve never paid more than $50 for a phone (obviously they put the phone cost in the outrageous monthly plans that Canadians get stuck with). I’ve always sold the phone for more :-).

    Don’t get the 4S – it will probably be really bogged down by the Fall

    1. It sounds like as I do the calcs, it’s going to be best for me to buy an unlocked phone outright and then take it to ATT to unlock it. The leasing programs have you paying more for the phone than it’s worth, and I’m just not willing to do that. Rather take the hit up front, and just own it and sell it later if need be. I am SO SICK of being nickel and dimed to death!

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