The Bachelor

Let’s get one thing out of the way first.  I absolutely did slip on the ice yesterday leaving my job.  Now, as I was slipping, I felt it happening and didn’t even trying to resist it, just let myself flop on the ground.  THAT is how you do it, ladies and gents.  That’s my bit of helpful advice as this entire country freezes over, just let it happen, and you’ll be okay.

The Batch

So I am the kween queen of trashy television, and I have been since I was a teenager, and The Real World was a thing.  I don’t think I’ve ever actually desired to be on reality telly, because in my mind, there’s some stuff that needs to stay private, however, I have enjoyed it.  But I truly have not watched the Bachelor in it’s entirety in years.  But one of the girls who works in my office definitely watches it, and we seem to relate really well over my love of reality telly, so I thought, hey, let’s DVR this and catch up when I’m working on the blog at night!

And I can’t look away.

There are so many questions I have as it relates to The Bachelor. 

  • Kelsey, Kelsey, Kelsey.  What in God’s name is the matter with Kelsey?  Why does she think she’s better than the rest of the girls?  Why didn’t one of the producers provide her with some Roc Retinol for under her eyes knowing full well that she would be on camera?  Why does she cut her hair like a 40-year-old woman? (Shoutout to the 40-year-olds, but we don’t need the mom cut until we are in fact, moms.)  Is she actually a widow?  Who would marry her?  Why is she so grouchy when Chris isn’t around?  How come she thinks just because she threw around the word “amass” one time, she’s a MENSA candidate?  Why did she fake a panic attack for?  Does she know it’s not cute to make a mockery of people who actually have experience with those?  Listen, anyone who fakes anything really isn’t to be trusted.

Panic Attack

  • How do the girls drink constantly?  They are not fat.  I drank nonstop the week of my wedding and gained like 90 pounds in a day.  How?!  Are they working out off-camera?  We also NEVER see them eating so, maybe they just eat green beans and things.
  • Why do these girls wear so much makeup?  I am strictly a BB Cream, mascara, and eyeliner (on a great day), type of lady, so it’s actually really alarming to see girls with lipstick, highlights, eyelashes, eyebrow pencils.  What do you really look like?  Maybe I’m just jealous…


  • Why is everyone crying all the time?  All the time.  I have cried over two boys, one of whom I was involved in a dysfunctional relationship with.  Why are you crying over someone you don’t know?!

Are you following the Bachelor?

Snow day!

I think I was gonna post on something else today, but Raleigh, NC shut down today.  Thankfully, yesterday was slated as an off day from marathon training, so I wasn’t really worried about how I was gonna get my run in – that said I am not sure how or where I’m gonna get today’s 8 in because everything is shut down.

I woke up yesterday morning, and it was just straight-up cold.  But the school system closed school for the day, so it had to be serious, right?

I drove into work anyway, and worked for a short time before it occurred to me that I didn’t want to be stuck, so I headed home, and immediately set about to taking a nap.  When I fell asleep it was cold and dry.  And when I woke up, I saw this.

photo 1I’m not sure how over 3 inches of snow accumulated in the amount of time it took for me to doze off, but it did.

photo 2I stumbled out of my sleep, not realizing how much it snowed, and if you peek in the bottom of that picture, you can see that I wore my nude flats, because I honestly didn’t realize how much it had snowed.  Poor Coco didn’t really know what to make of the snow, and during her bathroom break, she actually ran underneath the building so she could find a dry spot to “powder her nose”.

At any rate, the snow day was nice because I actually had time during the day to write and to work on my blog, which, is quickly rocketing to my Top 5 of things I like to do with my time.  Can I just go full-time with the blog yet?  And it was all fun and games until Austin called and told me he was stuck, and that Raleigh had turned into a version of Atlanta 2.0.

1780853_10101721454588119_2019573208_nThis, my friends, is how the South does winter.  Let me tell you what, the South does many things correctly.  Biscuits, musicians, and summer nights.  All very well done by the South.  But winter, winter is not our strong suit.  This is literally a few blocks over form my house, and yes, in case you were wondering, that is a car on fire down the hill.  Talk about a bad day, right?

So I went into stress mode, thinking about Austin stuck.  I thought about hopping into my Lancer and saving him, like a knight(ess) in shining armor, but that quickly was pushed aside, and I kind of just wrung my hands until he was home safe.

P1160164As night fell, a really nice ice crust formed over the ice…

P1160166And my fur-baby was having absolutely none of it.  (How cute are her little footprints, PS)?

How is the weather where you are?  How do I navigate my run tomorrow? 

Snow Day + Interval Training

The schools in our county are out again today, and I’m feeling for the teachers and parents, who I’m sure are going a little stir-crazy, but the side roads are still kind of sketchy.

So for those of you who are northerners that are reading, I am a transplant from Brooklyn, NY, and most of my family is either there or in New Jersey now. I know you guys might be dumbfounded on how 2-6″ of snow can cripple a state or a city like Atlanta, but very simply put, our secondary roads haven’t been plowed, and it makes it really dangerous for a lot of folks.

As far as Atlanta is concerned, Atlanta and the larger state of Georgia largely ignored the forecast, didn’t cancel schools prior to the weather event, and then everyone was released from work/government jobs/school at the same time, creating that horrific gridlock. One of my best friends had to sleep in a school. Thank you to all the teachers, the security guards, the bus drivers, and the cafeteria ladies that worked wayyy overtime to take care of folks, you are incredible. As for the higher-ups in that metro area, you get a HUGE side-eye from me for endangering literally millions of lives.

Moving right along. 

photo 1We actually got a decent amount of snow, and for someone like me, whose neighborhood is kinda woodsy and hilly, the ice is still pretty bad.  It’s also really annoying to try to get your dog to poop in the snow, fun fact.

photo 2So instead of going to work, I largely stayed in until I had to venture out for some soup and coffee.

photo 3So since the snow started on Tuesday night, I ended up taking a rest day on Tuesday because a lot of the gyms were closing early, and it just didn’t make sense to try and bang out intervals in the ice.  So yesterday night, I made myself a little cheat sheet, and ventured over to the gym to do some interval training.  But how was I going to do this distance interval without a track?

photo 4


Enter Garmin 610.  What good is a fancy watch if you don’t use all the features?  So I changed the distance interval to a timed one, and banged them out.  I honestly have never used the interval featured on the Garmin 610 because my training has been more about just getting mileage in and not necessarily focusing on strength or speed (not a great thing, because the end of a marathon gets ROUGH).   This time, I’m focusing on more than just the long run, and I’m sorta loving it.  The coolest thing about doing a timed interval is that you rack up some serious mileage without realizing – over the 6 intervals I managed to squeeze in 5 miles without like, staring at the distance ticker on the treadmill.  Very nice!

photo 5And after working out, the husband-to-be took me out for dinn, which consisted of a small salad and some sweet potato fries, one of my favorite indulgences!  Still fries, but not necessarily as bad for you as regular fries.

So folks, how are you making out with this weather?  Anyone still out of school today?  Anyone iced in?  Anyone perfectly dry?