Remember the big announcement that wasn’t?

A month or two ago, I blogged, incredibly disappointed about a big announcement I’d wanted to make.

We found a house in a really cute area of town, went to go ahead and sign on the dotted line, and we couldn’t do it.

2380 Y_sch9At some point during the process, it started to appear that the purchase we were about to make was not smart as far as our cash was concerned, and we had to back out of the deal.  I was sad, just because I’d started to envision our lives in the house, but it was the best thing for us.

So in the mean time, we’ve been searching high and low for a house.  There was the house of horrors on Peartree.  I never saw this house, but Austin visited a home where the poor woman living there was an actual hoarder.  There was also this house that looked so so cute on the outside, but was so 90s inside, that everything in the home would have to be replaced should we ever want to have people over or you know, sell it.

So the process has been really annoying and nothing at all like it is on Million Dollar Listing.  I think part of the unpleasant parts of looking for a house also were fueled by the fact that I’m completely over renting.   But I digress.

So all that to say is.

Well, uh…

We’re under contract on a house.


And I ain’t no fool, so I’m not gonna post the address.  But what I WILL do is show you my favorite part of the house.

New HouseThe kitchen, the kitchen, the kitchen!  That island is NO joke, and I cannot wait to put my dips on it.  Dips is what I’m excited about people.  Lining dips down the counter maybe a casserole or two, while my friends laugh with champagne flutes.  We don’t drink out of champagne flutes, but you get it.

Gah so excited!

The big announcement (that wasn’t).

So, this is kind of a weekend recap.  But remember a few days ago, when I told you I might have a big announcement?

Let’s talk about it.

So this weekend, we did our first big kind of marriage-type decision making thing together.

We started house-hunting a little while ago, and the thought of having a home with my husband-to-be made me giddy.

I wanted something older.  He wanted something newer.  We both kind of wanted something inside of the beltline due to the fact that we simply just love that area.  And a few weeks ago, Austin emailed me a home by KB that was to be built in the area that we were looking in.  It was in our price range, and there was an option for it to be the perfect color.

2380 Y_sch9

And did I mention it was in our price range?

So we started the process to buy the home, and on Friday after work, we headed down to the office to sign the contract on the home.

…and then we backed out.

It wasn’t right. The home was starting to climb up in price, and as we looked at each other about to sign the contract, it became more and more clear that we were not doing the right thing.

The poor woman helping us was really disappointed – as we walked out of the office I’m sure she could see her commission disappearing, but we did what was best for us at the time.

So the big announcement that was to be is not. We were disappointed that we didn’t walk away with a home for us, but we hope to come back to you with an announcement sometime soon 🙂 Happy house-hunting to us!