If yous would try and remember how this blog started…

If you’ll remember, back in December, I launched the blog back in December as an effort to drum up attention for the money I was raising for Haiti.  Hence, the title.  Since, I’ve meant to retitle the blog, but I haven’t gotten around to it.  And I’m not that creative.  I want to come up with a funky title, like “I run this ish” (GET IT!!!?) or something, but it just hasn’t come yet.

Anyhoo, I met with the cool folks from Hope for Haiti last night over a beer, and I have to remember to keep my eye on the prize!  They want to send me on a trip (to Haiti obvi) to document what we’re doing down there.  Like take my clearly stellar skills at blogging and photography and document what work we’ve accomplished.  That makes me SO happy!  Bahhh!

I totally forget that people actually read this thang.

I mean, I’m writing it for people to read and follow and be interested in, but it’s still a little surprising when someone is all “Omg that post about the Pop-Tarts?! Genius!”.  Now I may have embellished those words a tad, but you understand what I’m saying.

So anyhoo, I got the coolest email ever a few days ago from a really cool girl who volunteers with Hope for Haiti (http://www.hopeforhaitifoundation.com/) who heard through the grapevine (I believe it was a Tweet that I may have posted from the Fleet Feet Raleigh account) about what I was doing.

Hope Tweet

Fast-forward to today, and me and Tara (the Hope for Haiti volunteer) are sitting and chatting it up about going to Haiti, about possible projects for the future and about where we could take this whole project.  Whoa.

I don’t marvel often enough about the power of social media, but DANG I am impressed!  The absolutely coolest part of the whole conversation (besides the obvious fact that we’re going to be saving the entire world here), is the fact that she said the bass player from Delta Rae was the one who directed her to my project.  How cool!  Anyways, that said, let’s make a concerted effort not to use any embarrassing language since evidently Channing Tatum could be reading this.