Weekend Update!



I’ve missed you guys a lot. But things have been sort of bananas around the house – we’re finally, almost a full year after moving in to our first home together, starting to get things set up. Our next order of business is for Austin to order and go pick up office furniture from the Ikea in Charlotte, and I’m measuring for/ordering curtains from overstock. Austin told me I can start thinking about my she-shed if we get the house set up, so you know I’m on it.

More on my she-shed later.

This weekend was SO bonkers, but in the best way possible.

First, this weekend marks one year since my bachelorette, which I’m weepy about. In that time, I’ve gotten married, we bought a house, Melanie’s mom passed away, she moved overseas, Chelsie had a baby, Matthew is in a relationship, and I’m just not sure where this beautiful year went.

Friday, after a really long week, I don’t think we did a whole bunch of anything. We tried to go to sushi at our normal place, and after an hour wait and a weird experience with the guy at the host stand where he sat some hot girls at our table, we decided to leave and just ended up eating at one of our old haunts.

Saturday morning started with a text from an instructor, letting me know that there was a screw-up on the schedule, and that no one was really there to teach step. Oops! So I “stepped” in (hee hee), and taught a step class, which I’m positive was a hot mess, but the people who stuck around seemed to enjoy it okay, and my music is always pretty decent which usually helps things. I followed it up with my normal Zumba class, which I haven’t taught at the Y in a while, and it was so sweet – Austin came to class!

After class, I hopped in the shower and hustled my butt over to Fleet Feet. North Carolina has done away with tax-free weekend, but Fleet Feet kept it, so they needed a bit of support, which I was happy to give. And straight away after I worked the day at Fleet Feet, I headed out for a friend’s bachelorette festivities in downtown Raleigh.

Speaking of that bachelorette party, can I tell you about something so weird that happened? So after the festivities, we were sort of wandering about downtown, ambling our way back to the car. I happened upon this girl who was literally face down on the sidewalk. Another friend was sitting at her side, tending to her. Seeing as how she was facedown on the ground, I asked her if she needed some help.

She told me to fuck off.

I wasn’t 1000% positive that I’d heard her correctly, since typically people don’t tell me to eff myself when I’ve offered them assistance, so I may have asked her again, if she needed help, or needed me to call someone for her.


Ok babe, last time I checked, I wasn’t the one face down on the sidewalk.  So like after the third or fourth time she continued to yell, I (not-so) nicely told her about herself, and kept it moving.  I don’t know how me and my husband always happen upon these weirdos, but we do.

We tied up the weekend by deep-cleaning our house, which.  Can we talk about for a second?  There is nothing, nothing that feels better than deep-cleaning your home.  It took a few hours, maybe three, and we included cleaning the pantry, actually scrubbing out the laundry room, scrubbing all the bathrooms, and organizing little piles that had started to form in our bedroom.  It felt really inspiring, and I might actually get this book that I’ve been hearing about?

via theglow.com
via theglow.com

My mom’s told me about it – Kate Hudson has Instagrammed about it, and it might be me next! I just feel so light and free now that I’ve decluttered, thrown things out, and cleared my space.

Ok, enough about me. What did you do this weekend?

Blogging the Bach.

Pretty sure that’s what bloggers say when they’re talking about blogging about the Bachelorette, but I’m literally talking about my bachelorette celebrations that I had all weekend in Charlotte.

I made it clear from the beginning of planning this shindig, that I wasn’t really the type of lady to want to go to a Chippendale’s Show.  I really don’t like the idea of a Magic Mike type gentleman rubbing all over me.  It’s not that nudity in itself offends me, but being touched and swung around by a random guy baby oiled up just doesn’t do it for me.

So after this perk of my job…

Snake Turtle

(This reptile lady came to the Y on Friday for the kids, and showed them slithery crawly things).

And this one….

Sno Cone

(I went for a run after work, and sort of stumbled on the campers eating shaved ice and running around in bounce houses).

I trekked down to Charlotte in the pouring rain for my bachlorette, and we started Friday off by going to the Harris Teeter for some food for dinner and Saturday morning’s breakfast.  What was really really neat was that my friend and bridesmaid, Melanie, opened up her family home to us in Charlotte and allowed us to stay there, so we wouldn’t have to spend a million dollars on a hotel and eat out for every meal, which is like my worst nightmare.  Not because it’s super unhealthy, it doesn’t have to be, but because with my gastritis, I really can’t take eating out left and right without being really uncomfortable and ill the next day.

So we cooked dinner, drank some wine, and caught up on friend things on Friday night and planned to get sweaty on Saturday.

Lucky for us North Carolinians, we have the White Water Center available to us, and after waiting for the rain to let up, all of us caravaned over the the Center.  I’ve been once before to actually do some rafting, but this time, we went and spent time on an obstacle course, walking around, eating at the little restaurant they had on campus, and my fave, ziplining!  The second we got there, I almost regretted not rafting, so we started talking about how we will be back to raft.  I’ve never considered myself much of a naturey outdoorsy person, but something about being at a place that let’s you get physical and push yourself will really bring it out of you.


After almost a full day at the center, we headed home to freshen up, and officially got the party started, in the best way that a few 20-somethings with full-times jobs can.  It’s funny – had we been doing this four or five years ago, we would have TURNT UP no question, but the turnt level was pretty mild.  We drank, we danced, and generally just really enjoyed each other’s company.  It just felt good to get all the people I care about (minus some really important ones that couldn’t make it) in the same spot, and getting them to know each other.  It was really cool to see the ease with which these folks were able to get along with each other, and it makes you feel confident in your friendships.


Finally, on Sunday morning, we woke up, grabbed showers, and met with Austin’s mom and my mom for a kinda bridal shower thingie.  It was SO nice, and once again, having all that love in the same place was really trying to make my head explode.

photo 5 (2)

18 days and counting….!!!!

How was your weekend?