Superfruit, or Mitch and Scott from the incredible group Pentatonix have this incredible vlog.

Vlog is also a heinously disgusting world and I’m pretty sure I refuse to say it for the rest of this post.

I didn’t stop laughing this entire vlog. Ew.  Also Pentatonix are singing in Charlotte tonight and I won’t be there cause I’m broke from getting married.  Ugh.

And it got me thinking. What am I kinda feeling nostalgic for?

  • I miss high school choir trips.  Don’t let me forget to tell you about the trip where we stayed at the gross awful Innkeeper in Durham.
  • I miss when I was a kid, and it wasn’t creepy to hug your dad for a long time.  When you get old, you stop hugging your dad for as long, and it makes me sad.
  • I miss college Sundays when you’d wake up, and not really do anything the rest of the day, and then pull an all-nighter to get a paper done.
  • I miss being young enough to take all my laundry to my parent’s house when it was still appropriate.
  • I miss when my mom one time drove to Elon to take care of me when I was sick.  That doesn’t happen when you’re a grown up.
  • And I miss summer camp.  God I miss camp.

What are you feeling nostalgic for?  

Why my living room looks like a cheap motel.


(Sorry not running-related. So arrest me!) Instead of going out to socialize with friends on a Friday night like any normal 25-year-old would, I found myself engaging in my latest passion, burning candles, dusting, and finishing off the big show by vacuuming. I could literally hear drunk kids wandering around outside, but the thought of wandering around in the cold really didn’t appeal to me in the slightest. So I was trying to get a jelly donut stain off my slip cover for my couch (ugh, just don’t ask), when I remembered, my couch is a pull-out!

Generally pull-out couches are tacky and a pain in the butt to move because they’re SO heavy, that even when you try and sell them on Craigslist, normal people won’t come pick them up. But, my connection to pull-out couches spans miles and memories.

So when I was a kid, we lived in this tiny house in Long Island. And my mother has decent decorator’s sense now, but in the 90s we had this horrific set of furniture that was sort of fern and beach themed? Like it was this heavy heavy wood material, again too heavy for anyone to want to really move, and the pattern was this leafy business. I’m not sure how we acquired it or why we had it.  (As an aside, that heavy furniture would later save our lives when, after we moved to North Carolina, we were almost killed by a distracted driver who drove through our living room). I swear to you, I’m not making a word of this up.  Anyhoo, as a special treat like on some Friday night, my mom let us (and it just would’ve been me and Deb, Kimmy would probably have been too little, and my brother wasn’t born yet), pull out the bed from this terrible couch and have a sleepover party! Seriously, as a kid, this was just as good as getting to stay in a hotel, without bedbugs or germs!

So to tie it all back in, I was cleaning, remembered that the couch pulled out, and set up for the most epic pull-out couch hotel party of life. Unfortunately, the only clean sheets I had didn’t match, and for some reason, the bedspread is Africa themed. Don’t judge.  Rather, turn your living room into a sleepover party and see if you don’t wake up the happiest camper in the world!