29 Weeks

Baby is the size of a:  Small cabbage.  I know what this vegetable is, at long last!  I’m looking at you rutabaga!  Still have little to no clue about what I might do should I encounter a rutabega.

Due date: Sept 3rd, 2016

Total weight gain:  Still holding it down at 22 lbs.  My mom was really surprised when she saw me last Wednesday – she was very sweet and said I didn’t look like I’d gained much at all.  But there’s definitely a belly in my way so I’m not really bending over to paint my toes, if that makes any sense to you.

Sleep:  I am sleeping, but starting to have some pain when I sleep on my right side, like I’m smooshing something important.  I’ve been sleeping with something called a Snoogle (weird name, I know), that I can shove between my knees to make sleep more comfy.  And bathroom breaks are always a must for me.

Fun fact – I already got makeup on my Snoogle.  

Best moment this week:  I went shopping with my mom and sister and registered for a lot.  I am cleaning up the registry now and am actually getting things done.  The house/nursery is next!

Food cravings:   Always sparkling things.  Lots of smoothies still because they are SO easy to digest.  And this past weekend, I sought out a monster slice of coconut cake from a local restaurant and it was perfect.

Food aversions:  I just can’t eat a TON.  The more I grow, the smaller my stomach gets squished, and the harder it is for me to eat anything but small, frequent meals.  Huge meals or things that are heavily fried or heavy on the fiber are really difficult for me to digest.

Symptoms:  I’m going BACK to the chiro tomorrow.  My lower back is still a mess, but the visits seem to prevent me from descending into completely lower back/pelvic obliteration.

Looking forward to:  A bath this evening.  Hopefully some warm water will help my back 🙂


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One thought on “29 Weeks

  1. It’s so exciting to be in the 3rd trimester! I remember feeling like it took forever though! I bought a Snoogle too while pregnant but could never get comfortable in it. I just felt trapped and it ended up on the floor for months! Hopefully your back will start feeling better!

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