24 Weeks


I skipped the update last week.  I think I needed a break, plus my computer broke and I had to take it to IT, and didn’t get it back until Thursday evening.  Anyways, here goes, I am 24 weeks pregnant!

Baby is the size of a: Large zucchini or ear of corn.  I feel like both of those are kind of skinny for the measure of a baby, but for weight’s sake, we’ll stick to what the apps are telling me.

Due date: Sept 3rd, 2016

Total weight gain:  I am closing in on the 20-lb range last I checked.  The weight gain is literally so alarming, that I tend to only let myself get weighed when I go to the ob.  Otherwise it’s like God bless it, I have never seen that number before in my whole life!

Sleep:  Sleep is ok.  As usually, I cannot sleep though the entire night without going to the bathroom, so I’m actually up writing this update at 5:44 am on another day where I couldn’t get back to sleep after a bathroom run.

Best moment this week:  I went to yoga on Thursday to try out one of our new instructors, and it was really good!  It was NOT a prenatal class, so there was some stuff – laying on your belly for one – that I couldn’t do.  But I left actually really energized.

Food cravings:  I’m still drinking all the sparkling things.  I’m having to watch my sugar, I think I can really overdo it, so I’ve been watching totally stuffing my face with all the sweets.

Food aversions:  Not really.  I’m still really careful about overeating because if I overdo it, I get totally sick and refluxy.

Symptoms:  Just peeing a ton still.  And starting to become a little less mobile with my belly in the way.  It has not completely stopped me from doing anything yet, but bending over in yoga, my chest isn’t gonna touch my things.

Looking forward to:  Staying in town this weekend!  We have not had a weekend at home by ourselves for some time!


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