Guilty Pleasures

I ended up coming home kinda late last night because I have a secret life.

SingerAfter I watched most of the soccer game (yay US women) with some friends and a fake cocktail, I scooted a little early so that I could jump in the shower (I was all gross after running with a friend earlier) and quickly get ready for a gig I had with an underground rapper in town.  As I was at the show, enjoying some of the artists, and before Mark “Franchise” Jusino performed, I realized how funny it all seemed.  I’m a Director at the Y.  No one in the entire world suspects that I’m out at a venue that serves no food, singing to an audience of rappers and their supporters.  But there I was.  Isn’t life funny?

So along those lines, I ate a Reese’s big cup yesterday (before I taught a class, no less) and I was thinking about those things that I love, that I’m sort of embarrassed to admit, as a somewhat healthy person that I enjoy.  I hope you guys still like me after.

Reese’s Big Cup

Reeses Big Cup
Big Cup

This thing is such treat for me.  I’ve long sung the praises of the Reese’s Big Cup, but I need to reiterate, this treat is FANTASTIC, mainly because of the peanut butter to chocolate ratio.  I love getting one of these from the gas station, saving it til I get home, and eating it when I feel the need for the sugar/salty goodness to hit my lips.

York Peppermint Patties

York Mint Patty, as my husband so sweetly calls them.
York Mint Patty, as my husband so sweetly calls them.

I don’t need to talk about why these are incredible and amazing. I really don’t. They just are.

A cold bubbly something.  A seltzer is the best.  A diet sprite will do. 


Cold seltzer. It’s not bad for you per se, but I think it’s sort of abrasive on your teeth. But one of these while you’re just cruising down the street in your white Kia Soul, listening to trashy pop. But I usually have to hide the cup. A BK Lounge Cup is never ever a good look at work.

A pop tart with a cup of coffee. 

Confetti TartNot this flavor.  That is disgusting.  But the strawberry with a cup of coffee is perfect.  Also 400 calories and an indecent amount of sugar, but, it’s a TREAT.

As a reminder, I totally do enjoy this stuff, but I’m not a total pig.  This is a once-in-a-while thing that I really really enjoy, which is how I mange to maintain a decent level of health.

What are your guilty pleasures? 

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