Knee update

I have a confession to make.  I mentioned something a few weeks back, but have been pretty vague about my knee.  Some of it has been denial.  Some of it has been in the hope that with enough soaks, taking the Etodolac that the doc prescribed, and not doing too much on it, that I will be okay.

The honest truth is that I’m 100% freaked out by the fact that I may actually be injured, and I’m not handling it very well.

So to back it up, I’ve posted this before, but incurred my very first broken bone when I was 17 and playing rugby at Elon.

Rugby Injury

I fractured my tibial tuberosity at the precise moment this photo was taken, and as a result, ended up on crutches from about November to January of 2005, and then ended up in a lot of physical therapy. As a result, the knee has acted up here and there, but never really anything serious enough for me to be really nervous, and never, ever serious enough for me to see the doctor about, especially as I’m enrolled in a high-deductible benefits package. Going to the doctor all willy-nilly isn’t really an option for me because I end up paying for everything out of pocket.

A little over a month ago, during Wake County’s Spring break, because a lot of our instructors were going to be out, I subbed a TON of classes, and that was the start of some of my trouble with my knee. It was sore, and didn’t want to extend all the way out. Once I started physical activity, it felt okay (not great), but the starting, and the after was always really difficult for me.

I popped Aleve nonstop, had a run-in with some strong arthritis medication that resulted in a call to Poison Control, and bathed nonstop in an attempted to quell some of the pain, but it never got better.  Not worse either to be fair, but not better.

Finally, last Friday, I went to the doctor, where they x-rayed the knee, and couldn’t find a whole lot, since an x-ray really is only going to show bone.  In the case of a knee, where there’s a lot of soft tissue, it’s tricky, and I have to wait until I get an MRI later this week, then get it read to find out what it is that’s going on.

I’m hoping for nothing.  I’m really hoping it’s just some inflammation, and that nothing else needs to happen going forward except the continuation of my NSAIDs until I feel good and strong on my own.  My worst fear, and I hate even typing this, is that I’ve torn something, and will require a really non-terrible arthoscopic surgery.  But that whole concept freaks me out, and I’m not exactly ready for that.

Will all of that mouthful said…

What are you up to today?

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