On hating Valentine’s Day.


First off, I have had to work so hard with myself to resist the feeling like I want to get a heart-shaped donut from Krispy Kreme and a coffee. And the main reason is because even though when it goes down it tastes good, that thing will sit in your stomach like a sweet rock.  Plus I’m kinda trying to decide if I want to get a package of those red velvet Oreos so I can eat a few and go to town writing about the delicious medley inside of my mouth.

So, I feel like in high school, that it was really cool to hate on Valentine’s Day. Wear all black, pull your hood up, and profess that the day was “stupid,” “manufactured by Hallmark,” and that “you shouldn’t have to wait for a special day to tell your spouse/partner that you love him or her”.

I always loved the day because I guess I’m just a hopeless romantic idiot, but even single, the concept of pinks, reds, whites, and candy candy candy at a time when it’s not Halloween is simply magical to me.  To demonstrate this, enjoy this summary from one of my favorite books when I was like in 7th grade.

This sassy Cinderella story centers on 14-year-old Ashley Ella Toral, who has just received an invitation to the biggest bash of the season, a New Millennium’s Eve party held at the prestigious Ocean Crest Country Club and hosted by her heartthrob, Trevor Cranston. Thwarting her chance to usher in the year 2000 in style are her two bratty, scheming stepsisters, Paige and Jessica, and Ashley’s stepmother, Phyllis, who wants Ashley to baby-sit on the night of the big event. At the same time the unpampered princess is wallowing in self-pity, her unlikely fairy godmother (Phyllis’s grandmother) is flying in from Florida to bestow enough gifts, cash and service upon Ashley to make most of her dreams come true. Besides offering plenty of laughs, this updated classic adds much color to characters traditionally painted in black and white. Ashley’s stepmother is not evil so much as self-centered and overwrought by financial concerns, and Ashley, virtuous though she is, can be rather testy at times. Jukes has a ball adding new twists to an all-too-familiar plot, and readers will want to get in on the fun, too. Ages 10-up. (Sept.)

All I wanted was romance.

So…need a few reasons to love V-Day?

  • Reese’s hearts.  On par with the Reese’s big cup, Reese’s eggs, and Reese’s trees, Reese’s hearts are perfect for one reason, and for one reason only.  The peanut butter to chocolate ratio.
Yes Daddy.
Yes Daddy.
  • The colors pink and red. They ain’t nobody who doesn’t look good in a hot red dress.
  • Glitter.
  • And finally,  75% off CANDY?!  Now granted, this will only occur in the day/days following the big day, but HOLLA for some candy.  When I was in social work, I may or may not have taken full advantage of this to get clients to accomplish their goals.

So…do you love or hate the day?

5 thoughts on “On hating Valentine’s Day.

  1. I am in support of you getting a package of the Red Velvet Oreos. I bought some and they are delicious. I had one (wth is wrong with me?!), and gave the rest to my family. They are amazing, better than the original in my opinion!

    I actually don’t care for Valentine’s Day. In the past I’ve set my expectations too high and have always been disappointed by the lack of movie-quality romance. Now I make my own plans so that I don’t have the let down. I told my husband I’m buying lobster, steak, and shrimp and we are cooking at home. I am *hoping* for a card from my man, but I won’t be surprised if there is nothing. LOL. If he doesn’t get me anything I take his debit card and buy myself something online. 😀

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