The best pizza in Raleigh.

Friday, I went to lunch with a friend who is getting ready to make a big decision about his job.  He’s in social work as well, so I totally understand his frustration.  When I was working in social work in its classic sense, I consistently felt really anxious, and it was a combination of us not having enough resources, and me being sexually harassed by a client who once told me that my unwillingness to have sex with him was seriously making him reconsider his thoughts on my sexiness.  I wish I was exaggerating, but that was a conversation we seriously had upon me reporting him to my boss and our company’s version of HR.

So, my friend is going through something similar, and is being pushed to the edge of his sanity.  Social work is a thankless job, and it’s really painful to watch him go through this.

All this to say, that Friday, the two of us met up for coffee, and then walked across the way to Lilly’s Pizza, a local pizzeria that offers a ton of vegetarian and gluten-free options.  Now, out of all the unhealthy foods in the world, pizza is definitely me fave, and to date, one of my favorite meals at fat camp was pita pizza, which we would eat on Fridays.

Lilly's Pizza

I ordered a slice of cheese with a Mich Ultra, and asked for some hot sauce on the side, which I did on mine and Austin’s first date.

Literally, when I bit into that slice of cheese, my world shifted.  It was delicious, not at all greasy, and the crust was to die – a little sweet, and dry.  It absolutely puts any chain pizza to shame, and just shat on Whole Foods’ pizza (which I really love a cheese slice of).

It was cool to eat that delicious amazing pizza, and let myself go while enjoying a delicious junk meal.

Where is your favorite place to get some fresh junk food in your city? 

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