Thanksgiving Recap

My days/time are all off because of the way Thanksgiving falls just in the middle of the week, so today, you beautiful folks will get a post on a Saturday, which hasn’t happened in quite some time.

Anyhoo, so I had my first Thanksgiving as a:

  1. Homeowner.
  2. Married woman.
  3. Person who cooks all the food.
  4. Person who cleans for people to come over.

…And it was pretty cool.

Thanksgiving 1
The fam gathering around the island to pray and stuff…
Thanksgiving 4
I was feeling like my face wasn’t looking brilliant – very minimal makeup, so I don’t have a lot of pictures of my actual face from that morning. I think all the cooking made me feel like my skin was sorta eh.
Thanksgiving 2
We couldn’t get Chester off the table. Meh.

Thanksgivng 5So I woke up early on Thursday morning after we’d done some Wednesday evening shopping, and immediately got to cooking.  And I cooked and cooked and cooked.  On the menu?

  1. Mashed potatoes
  2. Corn
  3. Stuffing
  4. Hash Brown Casserole
  5. Creamed Spinach (I wasn’t a huge fan of this dish)
  6. White Veggie Lasagna
  7. Southern Made Biscuits

And my parents and sisters brought..

  1. A Bundt
  2. Pumpkin Pie
  3. Turkey and a Ham (I wasn’t too down with prepping the meat)
  4. Green Bean Casserole
  5. Mac and Cheese

I was terrified at some point that we wouldn’t have enough food, but at this count, I’ve just finished my third plate and I’m growing weary under the pressure of trying to finish these leftovers.  I’m a max, one to two-day leftover kinda girl – this is killing me.  I also don’t eat a ton as Thanksgiving sort of requires you to do so I’m sorta dying here.

So my entire Thanksgiving consisted of cooking, hosting family, and cleaning up later that night.  My workout that I’d sort of planned didn’t happen, my long walk didn’t happen.  Heck, I barely even got dessert.  But I have a lot, a TON to be thankful for.

What was your Thanksgiving like? 


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