I know better.

So a few days ago on my lunch break, I packed up my clothes and my shoes, and headed out for a run with a friend before I had to take off to teach a Zumba® Fitness class.  The weather is starting to get gorgeous here – yesterday, the temp must not have gotten over 80 degrees, and for the first time maybe since the summer kicked off, I didn’t feel like death following the run.

But I made a critical error.

I know so so much better than this, but I grabbed an old pair of Glycerin 11s, a pair from last October (almost a year ago), and did a short run in them.  My feet hurt.  My knees ached.  And as an employee at a running speciality store, I knew SO much better.  I know old shoes can make the difference between a good and uncomfortable run.  I know that they contribute to foot cramping and knee aches.  I know that looking at gross worn-out shoes is probably not helping me to pull out of this running slump whatsoever.

But I did it anyways, and only rethought it when, after only three miles, my feet were aching, knees aching, and when a co-worker from Fleet Feet walked in, took one look at my flattened out shoes, and started laughing.  We can tell these things.

So today, reflecting on my slump and how discouraging my achy breaky run was, I went to the store, picked up a pair of Glycerin 12s, and went for a little under 6 miles with a friend.

GlycerinThey felt really really great, and the just-under-six really didn’t feel as slumpy as all my runs have been in a while.  A few contributing factors to that?  Pretty new shoes, decent fall weather, a good friend to chat with while we powered through the gnarly gnarly hills of Raleigh.

Oh, and I registered for a half at the end of next month.  I’m sure that didn’t hurt my motivation since now I have to show up and kick some ass.

What do you do that you know is no good for you?  


8 thoughts on “I know better.

  1. I just did a paper on this for my walk and jog class 🙂 I’m sorry :/ Something that is no good for me? Probably procrastinating when I get in a rut. No motivation to go out and run, play tennis, or work…. Hope you’re feeling better!

    1. Actually after I wrote this and got the words out, I was able to go for 5ish miles with a friend and it actually felt okay! I think just putting it out there that I felt stuck was really therapeutic for me!

  2. Nothing is better than a pair of fresh running shoes. So good. Things that aren’t good for me that I enjoy anyway? Chocolate, gummi candy, too many to list 😉

    1. Lololololol caffeine is one that I enjoy that makes me feel kind of awful after. I really like that little jolt at first, but I feel like I’m going to jump out of my skin after!

  3. Once, I ran on a trail in old shoes for about 11 miles and then a few weeks later ran a half marathon in the same old shoes. Yeah – it was stupid, painful, and I am so thankful to have not been injured. Things That I should quit or minimize eating candy (chocolate, anyone?), procrastinating about things I need to do but detest, worrying about upcoming things I cannot control…I could go on, but that seems sufficient.

    Kudos to you for the 5ish mile run! I am doing a half marathon in Mid-November and I need to start building up some mileage.

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