Blogmopolitan Quiz…round 3!

In order to save money, I don’t have subscriptions to a lot of magazines, but if I had all the money (and all the time) in the world, I would totally do it.  One of my really really shameful pleasures is Cosmo mag.  Yes, I’m completely aware that there is really not a whole lot of substance that comes out of a Cosmo mag, however, I’m continually impressed by the women that they put on their cover.  You may not always be a fan of the women, but the one thing they all have in common is that the women featured on the cover are strong, beautiful women who’ve been through things, and have conquered, or have worked through their demons.

Some of my faves include the Demi Lovato cover, the Khloe Kardashian cover, and the P!nk cover.

Demi Lovato Cosmo coverAnd because you guys are so awesome, there’s a look at Demi, and a look at my engagement ring.  Free peeks!

Okay, so one part of the issue I like is the Cosmopolitan Quiz, which usually is at the front of the issue.  And I did one of these quzzies and did a part two from Two Thirds Hazel a few months back.  So here, I present to you the Blogmopolitan Quiz, for the third part!

The Blogmopolitan Quiz 2Enjoy!  Much more about your favorite blogger!

Now tell me something random about your Wednesday!

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