Wedding Wednesday: the weight issue.

Don’t know if you know, but there was a big wedding this past  weekend…

image via E!
image via E!

I texted one of my bridesmaids and asked her if it made me a huge sap that I thought the two of these guys looked legitimately happy…seriously, they seem super pumped, whereas if you remember the special when she married the Hump, things were not as rosy.  (Seriously, do you guys remember the fact that the two didn’t talk in the days leading up to their rehearsal dinner?  Oy.

Okay, so I’ve been working on a few things on my end, this being one of those things.

IMG_3848I’ve got a million more jars, and a million more coming, so I’m happy, but also staring to get a little anxious and starting to doubt my ability to get all of this finished.  I know I can do it, it’s just a matter of wrapping my brain around that.

But today, I want to turn my our attention to something else that I’m struggling with a little bit.

The weight before the wedding thing.

So I’ve seen this hashtag a few times over the past few months.


And though I don’t have a weight problem, and I work out extremely regularly, there is this gnawing at the back of my mind, and I honestly think it’s a little bit of pressure from other brides.  And the nagging, needling question is, should I be worried about my weight?  Should I be pushing myself to lose 5 pounds to ensure that I look impossibly thin in my photos?  

And I know the answer to that question – I’m healthy.  I’m at a great weight.  I take care of myself.  And I still treat myself.  But occasionally, those thoughts try and creep in.

Any other brides feel this way? 

4 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday: the weight issue.

  1. You know I stress ate before the wedding. And claimed that I felt like a whale. Truth is, you’re so in love with your dress and they way that you look in your dress and you’ll be so thrilled to marry your boo and I know that all the decorations got set in place in time that worrying about your weight in your wedding photos will not only be the furthest thing from your mind but it’s also totally ridiculous. You’re going to feel radiant the day of and it’ll carry through so far beyond the wedding that that’s all you’ll be able to think of when you look at photos.

  2. I lost about 40 lbs before my wedding (gained 5 back after since I felt like I didn’t have enough muscle) and honestly, no matter how proud you are of your body, those thoughts still creep in. Just push them aside and KNOW that you ARE beautiful and your future hubby will love you no matter what!

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