Wedding Wednesday: What do we register for?

First off, I want to thank you guys for allowing me a day, and not completely abandoning yesterday.  Yesterday was one of those days when I was completely overwhelmed between my laundry piling up, and paperwork piling up at my job.

So before we get into all the wedding stuff, look at these cool shots that were taken a few weeks ago at that fashion show!  I kinda love when I do stuff like this because you sort of forget that you took the shots, and then they come out a few weeks later and you’re like “oh yeah!”

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Fun, right?

Okay, so instead of me talking at you for a million years, I need to ask you all a questions, especially all of you who’ve done the whole married/wedding thing in the past.

As I go through the checklist of things that I need to do for the wedding, I kinda am starting to realize that I have NO clue what it is we need to register for, because it seems like we need virtually everything.

We met while we were in graduate school, so neither of us has quite has “real” stuff.

Between the two of us, we possess a hodgepodge of things – an old rice cooker (that still works, but is certainly not pretty), a rickety old George Foreman, and some pans that my grandmother ordered off of HSN before she passed last year.  But it’s not enough,

We have no microwave.

We have a set of knives that are embarrassingly starting to rust when I leave them in the dishwasher for a second too long.

And my utensils bend if I shove them too emphatically into whatever it is I’m eating.

So there are definitely things we’re going to need as we start to live our life as a married couple.

But I have no idea where to start!

And this is where you guys come in.

I need help – if any of you have links, lists, or your own personal lists of things you pulled for from your registry, that would be really awesome.  Please email me, comment below, or send up a smoke signal, cause for this wedding Wednesday, I need your help!

8 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday: What do we register for?

  1. The best advice we got was to register at low-to-mid price range place (Target, BB&B) for some basics and fun things, a mid-range place for dishware and all that fun stuff (we did Pottery Barn, but I also really like Crate and Barrel), then also at a higher end place like Macy’s (clearly we’re super fancy since Macy’s is our high end – but they were awesome! We weren’t really into the china thing, but there were some pricier things – and honestly great kitchen basics too! – that we registered for at Macy’s that my extended family and parent’s friends gifted us).

    If it’s something y’all need/want and you can register for it – do it! The great thing is that this is the time to ask for random stuff like an iron, or a chair at Target or a bright yellow tea kettle and everyone is like “cool, I’ll get that!” I’ve seen several great lists floating around on the web, but it’s also helpful to just take stock of what you might want and hit up the stores.

    Also, you can register on Amazon! Who knew!

  2. Bed, Bath, and beyond is the best place to start. My wife and I went there last summer before getting married in the Fall and they had someone go around with us which really helped with some of the things you tend to not think about under regular circumstances, i.e. on the side of bedding, hamper/laundry, and similar such stuff. Kitchen-wise was not too bad as thats my thing and we had a lot so then it was a matter of say getting new dishes, silverware set, etc, and sort of filling in the blanks. Also I’d say sit home and make a list up of things you think you may need and go from there. The other cool thing with some places (like B, B, and B) is that even after you are done the registry stays in their system so say Christmas comes around and there are still things you want, well family can still get you some of that stuff- or you can get on your own without having to remember.

      1. We did BBB, Macy’s and Kohl’s (good variety for everything you need without asking for anything too $$. My close friends that know me well happened to get us gift cards for Williams-Sonoma as well (great kitchen stuff, a tad $ though).

  3. I would make a list of everything you need and head to Target! My husband and I registered for things from low prices to higher prices. You never know what people’s budget will be so you want to give them the option of registering things of all price points. Hope this helps – have fun with registering!!

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