Blogging from the Westin Lobby!

Not even kidding.

I’m staying at the nicest hotel ever ever ever, and WiFi isn’t free in the room, so I grabbed a glass of overpriced white wine, and I popped a squat in the lobby to read some blogs, do some commenting, and observe all the drunky monkies as they come in from their nights out.  I’m not judging them.  That hard.  ::evil laughter::

Okay, so I’m staying in the hotel, by my lonesome, taking a much needed “break”.

And by break, I really mean that I’m blogging a bunch, catching up on some wedding stuff, and running a half marathon.  But I get to do it all while sleeping in a very very comfortable bed and watching Bravo without any cats parking on my face like one of them did last night.  Anyone want a free cat, I’m bout sick of that little orange one I adopted last year….(JK freaks!)

photo (28)

So first thing I did, after I wrangled my bags into my room, was to do a super fast run down to Niketown to check out the name wall that they do.  Last year, my friggin name was on this split, so I was Cherisse no-last-name-til-the-next-line, and this year, by the grace of God, I’m Cheri full-last-name!  Eep!  The run felt good, was really short, and was flat.  I plan to do the same tomorrow morning, wake up really really early and get down there to get my packet, then return here to do a little more work.  I love it here.  🙂

What are you doing on this gorgeous Saturday?  

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