I’m far from a grammar nazi.

I mean, but there are a couple of things that I cannot FRIGGING STAND, from a grammatical standpoint, that have been making my skin crawl.  Let me take you through a few, using the great Stanley Hudson of the Office to express my boredom, displeasure, and disbelief

  • It’s/Its.  

  • Balling/Bawling.  One refers to playing basketball.  The other refers to sobbing uncontrollably. Figure it out.

  • To/Too.  I can’t.

23 Signs You're The Stanley Of Your Office

  • Your/You’re.  You’re a higher-up.  Why don’t you know the difference?  WHY?!

23 Signs You're The Stanley Of Your Office

  • Affect/Effect.  God BLESS!  We work in mental health and with pharmaceuticals.  It’s IMPERATIVE we know the difference!

23 Signs You're The Stanley Of Your Office

  • Loose/Lose.  We teach classes at the gym, where people gain confidence and LOSE weight.  Duh.

  • And finally, for my running bloggers.  It’s friggin CHAFING not CHAFFING.  CHAFING.  THAT is what happens to your skin when you don’t use Aquaphor, not CHAFFING.  God.

5 thoughts on “I’m far from a grammar nazi.

  1. Your/you’re drives me crazy, but there/their/they’re probably gets me the most. I must confess: affect/effect confuse me every time. I am a near 30 year old highly educated person and I can never get them right.

  2. The only way I remember it’s/its now is figuring out if it sounds silly to replace the one with the apostrophe with “it is”

    Also inappropriate apostrophes and those who defend them should all jump off a cliff.
    Me: “Hm… There really shouldn’t be an apostrophe in 70s”
    Them: “No you can totally put one there, because it’s talking about more than one year”
    Me: “Because apostrophes have denoted plurality for, like, ever right?”

  3. Omg I hate “chaffing.” Also “finish shoot.” Holy hell no, is “chute” that hard? You people played Chutes and Ladders as kids, you should know the word.

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