I brought my neti pot to work.

You may feel as though I’m a very glamorous woman, seeing as how I spent the better half of yesterday and today filming for an ESPN show that primarily airs in Latin American Nations, however, that is not the case, and after spending the better half of yesterday outside with that yellow pollen stuff floating around, I officially feel awful.

No congestion just yet, but my throat is on fire, and I want to die a little bit.  All of this is going on three days until Rock ‘n’ Roll Raleigh.  Ah well.

So anyhoo, when I’m feeling terrible, I pack up my plastic Neti Pot.

imgresAnd I pack the little saline packet that comes with it, pack an extra water bottle (so it’s clean water that I’m using), and head to the secret bathroom on the third floor to get to work.

I flush a few times a day when my throat is really sore, in hopes that I can at least get some of the yellow powder out of my nasal cavities, and because the warm water feels amazing on the back of my throat.  Fun fact: someone once walked in on me and looked disgusted with me, but jokes on her, cause it made my throat feel amazing and now I will never share my pot with her.

I’m not a doctor, but I”m convinced that this this totally heals.

Anyone else neti? Know what I’m talking about?


12 thoughts on “I brought my neti pot to work.

  1. Luckily I work in a hospital, so we make our own Neti pot with warm saline and a giant needless syringe (which I have been known to use multiple time a day). There’s nothing like a nasal lavage to make you feel better!

  2. “I’m never sharing my pot with her….” SO funny. I use a saline rinse too, and it works so great. I thought it was going to be gross but honestly it’s just like swallowing some sea water. Yay for natural remedies!

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