Because I’m happyyyy….a link-up!

Hi guys!  I hope you’re enjoying your week as much as I am, even though I must admit, being a little overwhelmed with working out, going to work, keeping my apartment clean, taking care of pets, and scheduling things for the wedding, I have been really tempted to play hooky, tell everyone that I’m sick, and take a day (or two) to catch up on life.  But I won’t do that.  I’ll just wake up a little earlier, and stay up a little later, until the day when I sleep allll day long and snuggle with my dogs and never have to wake up for like two days in a row.  But to remind me of how fortunate I am, here’s a little link-up I’m joining with Erin from Two Thirds Hazel and Sarah from Venus Trapped in Mars.  Ready?



Love this idea.  My legs are not that of a Caucasian woman, but if you love this too, grab this photo, and link-up!  Onto the list!  32 Things That Make Me Happy!

1.  Coming home to Coco. She looks at me right in the face like “Whaddup” and I’m like “Hey favorite dog” and she’s just the literal coolest dog ever.

photo 22.  Good runs.  The kind when you want to karate chop everything in sight.

3.  My friends.  I have the best friends in the world.  The ones who I group text, call, send pictures to.  I am so lucky to have you all in my life.

4.  Whole Foods.  Don’t judge me, I really love that place.

5.  That post-workout shower. 

6.  My family.  Even though they drive me nuts sometimes.

7.  My new family that I’m getting when I marry Austin.  They’re really cool.  I like them a lot.

8.  Blogging/writing.  I think it’s something that I’ve always wanted to do, but I’m so glad I jumped off the edge, and finally did it.  It brings me a lot of joy, and it’s a cool feeling when I run into friends and they’re like “Oh snap, love your blog!”

9.  New cosmetics. 

10.  Coffee.  I need to learn how to get Starbucks to deliver to my home.

11.   Body pump.  I’ve been going to Body Pump a few times a week in addition to my running, and I’m totally dead at good it’s been making me feel, and how good my body has been looking.  I’m in love a little bit with this one teacher, Monica, who looks like a fitness model.  When she sweats, she starts to glow, I swear it.  I never thought, as a fitness instructor, I’d be idolizing one of my own.

12.  The kids from Teen Mom 2.  I don’t care, judge away, but this had me rolling.

13.  Yankee Candles. Duh.

14.  The Hoover Steamvac with Clean Surge.  If you have pets, and you have carpets, you have to, have to invest like a hundred some-odd dollars in this amazing machine.  There is nothing as cathartic as dumping that dirty water collect in the tank and dumping it out.

15.  It’s bikini season!  My favorite season in the whole world, plus that means you get to lay out a LOT.

16.  I’m getting married soon!

17.  We ordered my wedding bands from the store last week.   About three weeks til them thangs come in!

photo (9)That’s not one, but two rose gold bands.  Because I’m very particular and visual and just one didn’t look right.

18.  Fiber.  But I been kinda overdoing it with the beans lately.  I need to chill.  And that’s all I’ll say about that.

19.  My inner Martha Stewart.  I lot of folks think if you’re skinny and a vegetarian, you can’t cook.  FALSE, ladies and gents, because since I’m poor now because I spend all my money on bills and wedding stuff, I have been throwing down in the kitchen.  I made homemade scones, homemade black bean burgers, and have made magic with tofu over the past few weeks.

20.  This. 



It started out like this….

10014582_10152390048987240_4989775158462462920_nAnd my friend Andrew photoshopped this horridly awkward wedding party, and put all of our faces in there.  I am the bride.  I can’t stop looking at it and crying.

21.  My foam roller.  I think it’s gonna save me tonight.

22. My save-the-dates.  You guys will get the big reveal when I feel like most of the people have received theirs.

23.  Wicked humor.  This includes Andy Cohen, the fellahs over at Class and Trash, and yours truly!

24.  Taken.  Really anything with Liam Neeson in it though.

25.  Race week!!!!

26. The haters.

article-2599937-1CE8E3B200000578-567_634x865This is flawless.

27.  Partition. 

28.  Popular song. 

29.  British accents.  I would do anything for one.  Dang it!

30.  The girls crying about Miley canceling.  I love Miley. These girls crying though are ridiculous, and make me giggle so hard.

31.   When I think about LaToya and Latavia, the original girls who were in Destiny’s Child.  

32.  Teen music, including Demi Lovato, Ariana Grande, and Miley, who tragically canceled all her NC shows this week.  I’m honestly bummed, and I hope she’s okay.

Link up!  What’s making you happy?

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