Things you do when you’re broke.

My sassy boys over at Class and Trash and me were group texting, and discussing that fact that as it was getting close to the first, and we were waiting on pay day to come save us.



And here I present to you, the things you do when you’re broke/waiting on payday. 

  1. You pack all your lunches.  There is no eating out.  The only eating out you will do will involve a Starbucks gift card that you dig out of the back of your wallet.
  2. Speaking of Starbucks, your morning coffee?  Not a thing, you will be enjoying the coffee from the break room.
  3. Free stuff starts feeling kinda good.  Go for a run!  Go to Lululemon for a free yoga class!  Sit at the coffee shop and blog – maybe without ordering something.  That sounds fun, right?
  4. Your $16 hot yoga class downtown is not gonna happen for another two weeks.  
  5. And finally, when your friend asks you for drinks, you totally make an excuse to postpone it for another week or two. 

To be perfectly clear, I’m not like broke and decrepit, times just get hard for a day or two after I make my car payment.  How does your spending change close to payday?

16 thoughts on “Things you do when you’re broke.

  1. Ugh, using my credit card to cover essential grocery re-stocking and praying no one has a birthday or baby shower for another few days.

    1. Let’s take a moment and praise the good lord that Mama doesn’t have a credit card. I could surely, surely do some damage with that thing! Thankfully I’ve got a lovely car payment and some student loans to keep me occupied.

      1. You’d be surprised at how much food some of these places give away as samples. Plus, as Costco you can get a hot dog and a coke for $1.50 (you don’t need a membership for the food either). Where else can you get that kind of deal?

      2. SO cool to know! Yesterday, I grabbed a bar and a piece of fruit from Whole Foods for lunch really quick, and that was a cheap cheap lunch as well! Those deals are the bomb!!

  2. Restaurants/takeout, drinks and, for me, cab fare adds up quickly. When things get tight, those are the first things to go. My friends and I have started having dinner at each other’s places instead of going to restaurants. Much less expensive!

    1. So your idea of having dinner and friends’ place? I love that! We need to start doing that a little more often! We might have a Sunday brunch here at our place pretty soon!

  3. lol, I love that GIF. It never gets old. I love this list too. I have been there. Starbucks? lol that was the stuff I dreamed about. Sometimes it sucks to live in such an awesome city when you’re broke.

    1. I feel you girl. I’ve been living like a broke chick for two weeks because I overshot the budget in DC! Hate living like this, but good practice for being married and budgeting well!

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