Blog Happenings.

I’m squatted on the couch right now, because I’m still a little queasy from having some sort of stomach bug + that half marathon this weekend.  Usually, a marathon or a half wouldn’t wipe me this much, but the stomach thing that got me last week (and also got a lot of my clients) kinda doubled up on the ass-whooping and I’m a little worn out.  Seriously, wash your hands often, because that bug is no fun.  It will last for like 24 hours and you will feel gross for a few days longer than that.

All of that said, I’m excited for this week.  My sister is coming to visit this weekend so that we can perform at a dinner together, and the last time I saw her was for a memorial service, so it will be better to see her in happier times.

And this came today.

1966747_10100289945603663_146569336_nI’ve been really looking forward to getting a more expensive camera for the blog to shoot some events with, and my sweet future MIL, Sharon bought us one as an early wedding present.  As soon as it arrived, I busted it out, strapped it up, and started shooting pics of the cat until it was time to put it away and do some work for the evening.  I’m really looking forward to posting photos from this baby 🙂 

What is your week shaping up to look like? 


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