March goals.

Can we not even talk about how poorly I did with February goals?

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February, I really got serious in a lot, my running, I traveled home a lot to be with my family, and I blogged and networked with other bloggers a TON.  I learned a lot this past month, but I did not in any way, remember, or stick to any of my goals for the month of February.  All I did was run.  Drive and run.  So here they are, March Goals!

  1. Pay my taxes.  Last year, I waited kind of until the last minute, and it was really stressful, plus I think I may have ended up paying more money than I need to.  I plan to start early, let my whiz of a husband-to-be help me out, and get it done early.  I will have this done before the end of March.
  2. This was a goal last month (and we’re forgetting about last month, okay!), but I really, really really, want to wake up early one day a week and work out.  I have said this time and again, but if I need to go to bed early one night and make sure this happens, I will.  I’m totally over having to drag myself kicking to the gym every day after work.  It’s contributing to my exhaustion and it’s not good for anyone.
  3. Make more efficient use of my time.  This means not dicking around.  Packing my lunch the night before, taking a shower when I have a spare second instead of right before I go to bed, and cleaning when I have a second or two instead of waiting until my apartment looks like a small atomic bomb detonated.  Because it makes me really anxious when stuff piles up.  I can’t do that anymore.
  4. Do ONE big wedding thing.  I am doing okay on this so far 🙂

What are your goals for March, beautiful readers?  

5 thoughts on “March goals.

      1. I’m looking to stay in the DC area, but I want to get into health and fitness on a professional level. It’s basically a breakaway from my current career/professional history but that’s the dream. I’ve been applying to local fitness and sports related companies but no luck yet. Seems like I need to finish with my personal training certification to have any kind of luck breaking through. So between that and looking at more admin/office managerial roles that’s where I stand.

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