My brother fractured his wrist.

BroThis is my brother.  We look exactly the same, except he’s a boy, and I’m a girl, last I checked.

He’s extremely athletic, and when I’m at home, usually we do something fun together, sometimes running related, as pictured above.

So imagine how much I almost died when I got this text from my mom around 11:30 yesterday morning.

photo 2So evidently, my brother was dunking on someone.  Don’t worry, per a very reliable source, he completed the dunk before landing – HARD – on his wrist.

So my mom said Little Derek was really complaining that his wrist was hurting, and this morning, she took him to the ortho to get it set.

photo 1So Derek is casted up for 6 weeks – no tennis, and he goes back in two weeks for them to redo the cast.

Poor kid.  I’m so sad!

Tell me about your broken bones.  Have you ever broken a bone?

I have, and it wasn’t pretty.  Happy Thursday, y’all!




4 thoughts on “My brother fractured his wrist.

  1. No broken bones here, though I did sprain an elbow jumping out of a tree pretending to be Wonder Woman when I was little! I think it was my.younger brother who got the only break among us, think of it. He was pretending to be Superman, which I suppose establishes a theme that says a lot about my family. 🙂

    I hope all heals quickly!

    1. Me too! Spraining and elbow sounds super super painful though!

      One time, I was pretending to be blind (so not PC) and literally ran right into a tree and busted my lip. Learned my lesson.

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