End-of-weekend recap.

Hey folks!  I hope you’re having an amazing weekend, my weekend has been nothing short of insanely busy, and my life shows no signs off slowing down for the next few weeks.  But I can’t complain, I think my problem is one of the most beautiful to have, and I’d rather a little too much to do, than too little.

That said, when I finally get my house painted/get my car cleaned/get my wedding save-the-dates sent out/get bills paid, I might be a little more relaxed than I am now.

Now onto the weekend recap!

I worked at Fleet Feet North Raleigh on Saturday, which was pretty amazing.  I actually don’t dread ever going to work there – and it’s really always nice to be around like-minded, good fitness people, who you don’t really get as much of when you’re working in an office, like I do during the week.  Sometimes, it’s a little tiresome being the freak in the office when you brings salads for a lunch.  At Fleet Feet, you’d sometimes WISH someone would bring a damned Lean Cuisine up in that piece cause the little fridge would be stuffed with people’s healthy lunches!

So Sunday, I had to head home with a friend for a memorial service, so I put Coco’s Thundershirt on her, packed her in the car, and headed home.

photo 2photo 1She was a really good sport, and endured the trip pretty well, which is good because we’re going to the beach next weekend, and she’s gonna have to hold up for a few hours.  But we’ll stop for lots of coffee and bathroom breaks for her, and we’ll get her a little more used to the car.

photo 3I walked into my parents’ home, and looky what was sitting on my dad’s bar!  So I promptly took it to read while I was running my 5 on his treadmill.  I still love Bieber, and I know he’s gonna pull through this rough time.

photo 4And now, here I sit, blogging to you all from the relative comfort of a McDonald’s dining room, because the WiFi at my parents’ house needs life support.  Is it a law that that WiFi at all old peoples’ house has to be horridly spotty at best?  It really doesn’t seem to bother them!

So the plan tomorrow before I pack it in and head back is to wake up semi-early, run, spend some time with my Moms, and head out to Raleigh with the dog before we get more snow.  This blasted snow is going to cause me to kick a hole in a wall, I swear it.

How was your weekend, beautiful folks? 




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