The first time I ever had my heart broken.

This isn’t exactly what you think.

But here’s why I had it on my mind.

Wednesday night, it was still too cold to run outside, and I got the bright idea to head to the Y, where they had a track where I could try a track workout that I’d been eyeing from the girls at ToneitUp.



Just kill me.  15 times around was a mile?  I started with a few time around to warm up, about 5 minutes, and then launched into my interval workout.

Cupid's Cardio


The fun part of the interval, was that part of the way through, this guy decided he wanted to try to keep up with me.  I totally kick his butt.  It’s fun to do that, I’m sorry to admit.  In total, I spent about an hour on a track that took 15 times around to make a mile.   And I’m feeling it!  I am so so sore.

But was I was making my way around this teeny tiny track, I started to think about track, and the first time I ever had my heart broken.

When I was in 7th or 8th grade at Crestdale Middle School, I decided I wanted to join the track team.  My dear dad woke up early with me every morning, and took me out to a freezing cold outdoor track around the corner from the house at the Siskey Y, and trained me.  At tryouts, which lasted for 2 or 3 days, I had my events, and I was spanking the sprints.  But the coaches decided to try me at the 800 (two laps around the Olympic track), and that’s when things fell apart.

This is so embarrassing, and I can honestly say I’ve never told this story out loud to this day.

I knew nothing of endurance, or conserving energy for the second lap, so I shot out front like a cannonball when the gun went off.  But as we rounded the curve for the second lap, I was exhausted, and went from scorching the rest of the team to coming in dead last, gasping in the freezing cold.  It was mortifying, and I’m sure the coaches laughed themselves home.

The next day, I was cut from the team.  I was heartbroken.  But it was a great lesson cause I’ve been rejected from like a million other things in life, and it really won’t kill you, as bad as it feels at the time.

But suck it suckas cause I run marathons now.  And that’s really all I have to say about that.


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