No more Blackfish!


I’ve watched it like 3 times since it started streaming on Netflix.

That’s sort of my personality to be a little all-or-nothing, and to add to this, I’ve always be fascinated by marine life, so much so, that I swore after I told everyone that I was going to be a veterinarian, that no, I was to be a marine biologist.  All of this happened in the fourth grade, by the way.

But no more, because I dreamed last night that my family’s beach house (and we don’t have a beach house in real life) was being attacked by killer whales.  I’ve got to stop with Blackfish.

Moving right along, however.

For the last run club of the year, I was joined by none other than my husband-to-be, an old friend from high school, and a new friend from my job!  Yay!

nogAnd I hear it’s New Years Eve, no?

Enjoy your last runs of 2013, enjoy your day at work some of you, and see you in 2014!


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