I went to Zumba yesterday….

With the gorgeous Loretta Bates.  I got there super early, jumped on the treadmill (cause I’m still streaking), and then went to reclaim my spot in class.  I said hi to a few folks, and did my usual pre-class ritual.  Don’t be obnoxious or draw attention to myself because it’s rude to do that when you’re a teacher in another teacher’s class.

When the grumbling started.  

It was a chick behind me, and I think she was mad because I “took her spot” in class.  Because we have assigned seating.  And this is middle school.

I tried to ignore her.  And she made it a point to tell everyone around her, loudly, that “SOME PEOPLE DON’T KNOW THE RULES.”

I roasted the entire class.  What was I gonna say to her?  I had it all pictured in my head.


I was gonna turn around, and tell that girl, in her blue shirt where she could go.  That she was mean, that she was evil, and that if she wanted the spot, she could take it cause I’m not an idiot, and I don’t care. Here’s what actually ended up happening.

I went and grabbed my stuff after class.  I kind of stared her down, and she was being silly with her friends.  Damnit!  I couldn’t very well approach her when she had her army around her.  So like a creep, I waited for her friends to kind of wander off to approach her.

And here’s what I said.

“I just wanted to let you know I wasn’t trying to block your way.  Cause I heard you grumbling back there.”

It wasn’t quite ‘Mean Girls’ style, but her smile froze on her face.  She’d wanted me to hear, but she certainly didn’t want me to approach her about it.

“That’s okay!” she stuttered.

And that was it.

But on the real folks.  It’s almost January.  Get to your fitness classes early, these folks are serious out there.

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