Never in my life have I been so excited to see a charge on my bank statement.

Yesterday, I was scrambling to find a dress for Thursday night’s Jingle Ball, a Ball in Raleigh where the requirements to enter are an unwrapped toy and your black tie finest.   I ended up ordering one on ModCloth, and when I went to check my bank statement, I nioticed a charge from Nike, for the low low price of $180 some-odd dollars, which only means one thing!

Nike Women's Half


For the second year in a row, I have been accepted to the Nike Women’s Half!  And this year, I’m hoping to be well under 2 hours.  Yay for some motivation to actually run in this frigid weather!

2 thoughts on “Never in my life have I been so excited to see a charge on my bank statement.

  1. From someone that is a Native of DC and moved to Raleigh, I am happy to have found a blogger in the area that keeps me in the know around here. *Googles Raleigh Jingle Ball* This was my first year entering into Nike Women’s Half Marathon. My cousins and I built a team to run together with our aunts, what a family affair. Sadly we weren’t selected. There is always next year, persistance is key. I wish you well on your run, enjoy the views of the monuments and maybe I’ll see you in the 2015 run.

    1. Glad to keep you in the know. You TOTALLY have to go to the Jingle Ball, but get there early. We’re using this as a blast of a way to have a dress up date night 🙂

      So sorry to hear you weren’t selected for Nike. I ran it last year, and it is such a beautiful race, and I’m so infatuated with that city. I will be sure to blog about my experiences there, so it doesn’t feel like you’ve missed anything at all! Keep it up, and perhaps if you’re down for 26.2 hilly ones, you might enter the lotto for the San Fran Nike Women’s Marathon!

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