Remember our friend, Maria Kang? Maria, on #tbt

Maria was our hot mama who posted the photo on the web that created a viral firestorm.  If you missed my post on the action, click here.  I wasn’t sure that I loved her tagline, but I still am pretty impressed that she looks so great after 3 kids.  After working so hard at fitness before kids, I imagine it must be difficult to get back there after you have not one, or two, but three critters to chase around after.  It definitely makes me think twice before making an excuse to skip the sweat session.

Maria KangWell #tbt came around, and Maria posted this old photo of herself.  And I have to say it now, I’m now 100% jealous, and motivated to work a little harder.  Her “before” photo is really nothing to be ashamed of, she looks fabulous.

From her original photo, I’m still not sure I loved her tag, but kudos, our hot mom quite obviously made some steps to get where she is.  So Maria, kudos.  You were obviously a very pretty girl before, and obviously very hardworking after.  (She seems intelligent and well-spoken too, so she rocks.)

4 thoughts on “Remember our friend, Maria Kang? Maria, on #tbt

  1. She looks amazing. If I ever have children, I know I’m gonna go crazy working myself back into shape lol.

    I just started getting back into my workout routine. I am currently “skinny fat” (lol) with toned legs and arms…lets not talk about my mid-section : / Since I haven’t been dancing full time, I haven’t been burning nearly as many calories.. but I’m gonna get back on top of it.

    1. I feel like if or when I have children, I would do the same.

      Currently, I’m workout crazy, in a good way, and I love the way I look, but I admit the prospect of submitting to pregnancy and accepting that some things won’t be the same, with stretch marks, and excess skin, scares the heck out of me.

      1. Hi Cheri! I have to comment on this as someone who has a young child.

        We always fear what we don’t know and haven’t been through – from trying new foods, to starting school, to going on that first date, to having sex… and everything in between. Nothing is more natural than pregnancy and childbirth; it’s what our bodies are designed to do. Unfortunately, our society has made pregnancy out to be an ailment and childbirth a process that requires medical attention. Of course that would bring fear to people! If/when you reach the stage when you decide to have kids, I recommend this book: It will take away SO many of the fears I am sure you have.

        Everyone’s pregnancy is different. I did gain 40 lbs but I walked away with no stretch marks. You don’t have to go crazy eating everything in sight. Only 300 extra calories a day will sustain the baby. This is something I’d talk about with a doctor if/when you decide to have kids.

        I will also say that childbirth was a very positive experience. The removal of fear was a huge part of that. I was able to calmly accept whatever turn my birthing took. I walked away with no tearing and a beautiful child.

        Once I got the clearance to begin working out again, I was back at it with a brand new appreciation for what my body could accomplish. It can grow and sustain life; surely it can complete a workout! I am extremely fortunate that we have a gym that gives 1 hour of daycare to infants starting at 6 weeks old.

        I returned to my pre-baby weight at 4 1/2 months postpartum. I credit the gym, as well as exclusive breastfeeding (which burns an extra 300-500 calories per day).

        Anyway, I am not sure how many truly positive stories are out there, so I thought I’d share one. This is coming from a woman who turned pale and nearly fainted after learning she was pregnant… also someone who, I’m still ashamed to admit, fainted in Elon’s health class during the discussion on contraception.

        You can have your body AND your family, too.

      2. So I’m still stuck on the part about your reaction to learning you were pregnant – I’m sure I’d probably have the same one. I mean, even being engaged now – it literally took me WEEKS to settle in with that news. News that I’d be creating life? I’m not sure I’d be ready for that 🙂

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