3 Days. (Question for my running buds.)

3 days until the Greensboro marathon.  I suppose it’s time to start making my list, my pyscho list of all the things I need.

But before then, I have a serious question.

It’s really quite horrid.

But last marathon, I wasted almost 10 minutes looking for a bathroom, and then executing the bidness, because port-a-potties horrify me in all sorts of ways.

There are a few precautions I can take to make sure this doesn’t happen. Like caffeine-free gels and Gus, or saving the caffeine for the very end so it barely matters.  But I saw a tip a few issues of Runner’s World back that recommended pounding a shot of Imodium before the big day.


For some reason, this really concerns me.  I don’t want to like, stop my body’s natural reaction to all the jostling, the nerves and the nutrition, but is it worth it to spare me a trip to the gross bathrooms and shave a little bit off my time?


2 thoughts on “3 Days. (Question for my running buds.)

  1. Hi Cheri! I wish I saw this before your marathon. Everyone has different reactions to Imodium. I relied heavily on it during my training and used it during my marathon. However, it gives my husband a bad reaction and makes him need to go more than if he had never taken it. I’d recommend experimenting with it during a training run with ample public restroom stops along the way.

    1. I think for my next full (halfs I seem to be okay with), I will definitely experiment with my diet + some Imodium. I’ve always had a really fussy stomach, and that seems to have become more pronounced the further I run.

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