Wedding weekend mission!

But first, a story.

So I dropped my rings off out the jeweler to be cleaned, as I’m going to a wedding this weekend, and when my boos I haven’t seen in a while ask to see my hand, I don’t want them to recoil in horror.

Two rings, my engagement ring, and a claddagh I wear that Austin gave me to replace a gross crusty one I’d been wearing for years.  I understand that the claddagh is an Irish thing, but I love the tradition, and my roommate went to Ireland our junior year in college, so whatever, arrest me if you don’t like it when I wear it.

When I go back a few minutes later to pick up my ring, the guy bounds out of the back room with my rings.

::points to my engagement ring::

“That is a cool-lookin ring!  And eh….explain this to me?” ::points to my claddagh.”

I was confused.  What about the claddagh ring was confusing to him?

“Oh, you must date a white guy, huh?”

I gave him a blank stare.

“You know, cause it’s Irish?  White guys are the only guys buying these things?”

I think it was surprised by my cool response, but he needs to mind his bidness!  Appreciate the compliment on my ring, but, the prying about the race of my fiancé is weird.

Moving right along!

We’re almost nearing the end of wedding season, and I’m attending another this weekend, this time in Cincinnati, Ohio.  That means another drive, coffee shops, and gas station food.  So the challenge for this weekend?  Let’s eat as healthily as humanly possibly with the potentially limited options that a gas station and road food has to offer.  I’ll take pics, and hopefully help you out for your next long trip.

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